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Some safe and unsafe resturants

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We checked with Bojanges and they said they cooked with vegetable oil. When I asked what kind, she was very helpful and went to look. They cook with cottonseed oil. Mi Pueblo, a Mexican resturant, cooks with PN oil so we avoid it. We also avoid ice cream shoppes. The ones around here use a scoop and drop it into a tray filled with water. With the next customer, they use the same scoop. How many different flavors has that scoop been in and is the allergen in the water and has all the allergen come off the scoop while it was just sitting there? I'm not taking the chance. Hummmm....I think I will call Baskin Robbins. I'll let you know what I find out.

------------------ Tammy Lynn

On Oct 4, 1999

I have a 4yr old PA son and visiting an ice creame shoppe. When looking at all the different flavors I realized how many peanut flavors there are. Thankfully my son's favorites are strawberry or vanilla. Your right, I asked them how and what they scoop the ice cream with and their answer was just laying them in a sanitizing water. The scoops are NOT cleaned. When I explained about the allergy she offered to get a completey clean scoop and I also checked with her to make sure the surrounding ice creams of my sons choice were not containing peanuts.

On Oct 4, 1999

Angela, When visiting an ice cream parlor, there are a few other things to keep in mind. First, even though they may use a totally clean scoop for your son, what about the person who came in earlier and ordered a scoop of peanut butter ice cream and vanilla. They could have dipped the peanut butter flavor first then dipped the vanilla with the same scooper, thereby contaminating the vanilla container in its entirety.

Also, can you be sure that the ice cream you are buying (vanilla or strawberry) is manufactured at the factory with care so that cross contamination is avoided? Christine

On Nov 16, 1999

I made that mistake last Christmas season. We took the boys to baskin robins after looking at lights. We ordered our son Strawberry sherbert with a clean scoop. He had a reaction immediately. Later I figured out about them contaminating it by using the scooper before we came. Now we only let him eat soft serve out of the machine and never icecream out of the bins.

On Feb 16, 2000

Just wanted to tell you my experience with Baskins Robbins. I purchased an ice cream cake for my then 3 year old PA son. Supposed to be cookies and cream. While serving it to my family, I noticed it didn't look right... turned out it was pralines and cream!! Fortunately, my son hadn't yet taken a spoonful, poor kid wound up eating an ice pop for his birthday. I called up Baskin Robbins and was told it was just a "simple mistake" and they would glady reimburse me for the cake. I went in person the next day and read them the riot act, but all I got out of it was some Baskin Robbin gift certificates and assurances that they'd be more careful next time. Let's hope so.