Soft Serve Ice Cream?

Posted on: Fri, 08/01/2003 - 12:27pm
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So my kid (3/PA/TNA) like ice cream. I like it too. The only ice cream that seems safe to me when eating out is soft serve.

Is it possible for soft serve to become conaminated somehow? All I see is chocolate and vanilla, and never pistachio, peanut butter or anything like that.

If they had had such a flavor in there, and then just dumped in chocolate without cleaning it, I could see contamination. But is there any other way?

Has anyone ever seen a flavor that might be dangerous for a PA/TNA person in a soft serve machine?

Posted on: Fri, 08/01/2003 - 1:15pm
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You may want to do a search on this topic. I called one company, and even though our local ice cream place only serves vanilla and chocolate, the company where they get their soft serve mixes DOES make peanut butter variety on the SAME manufacturing line. I don't know if this is the case for all or not.

Posted on: Fri, 08/01/2003 - 3:01pm
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Make sure of the ingredients and that the machines only are for vanilla and chocolate. I used to (many, many moons ago) work in a frozen yogurt shop. Machines are cleaned by running a soap compound through them, but often one flavor is just added after another, not after cleaning. I'd be really careful feeding DD soft serve ice cream, and I would not let her eat frozen yogurt. Just MHO!

Posted on: Fri, 08/01/2003 - 10:06pm
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I think this must be a comfort-zone decision. I have an almost 9-yo PA son and I've always let him have soft serve (only kind of cone he can have). The reasons are similar to what you've said about only seeing choc & vanilla. Also: I've never seen a recall of any kind of soft serve ice cream (in 7 years) or seen any reactions recounted anywhere from plain soft serve ice cream. However, I've never called a manufacturer of soft serve mix either and had no idea anyone made pb soft serve. I've never seen it in my life!
Just my opinion [img][/img]!

Posted on: Fri, 08/01/2003 - 11:01pm
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My uncle owns a small ice cream shop. His soft serve, made by Sealtest, is guaranteed peanut-free by the manufacturer, and training is provided to ensure that a peanut-free cone can be served.
Here's an example of when cross-contamination can occur.
A client asks for a peanut Parfait (the exact name escapes me at the moment). It's a layer of ice cream, a layer of peanuts, a layer of ice cream, a layer of peanuts, etc.
It is quite possible and often occur that peanuts will touch the soft ice cream spout when serving the last layer of ice cream. Since the spout can be sticky, peanuts can stay there for a short time and be dropped with the next serving. Even just proteins (as opposed to a visible peanut bit) are enough for cross-contamination. Training shows how to clean the spout completely to ensure there's nothing there.

Posted on: Sat, 08/02/2003 - 7:14am
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The Carvel near my mom's home has soft serve pistachio. That's the only Carvel I've ever seen it at, the rest just seem to have chocolate and vanilla.
There's a frozen yogurt joint near here that has a different kind of machine set up. The frozen yogurt comes premixed in a big plastic bag with it's own disposable spout. The whole thing fits inside the machine, so each flavor is totally sealed. Naturally, none of the flavors have been safe anyway, but I thought the concept had possibilities at least! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 08/04/2003 - 3:29am
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Thanks, all.
Carvel sucks anyway, so there's one more reason, I suppose. [img][/img]
Dairy queen is really the only place we might go to I guess I'll find out who their supplier is, and see if they offer that parfait thing.

Posted on: Mon, 08/04/2003 - 8:41pm
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I recently found out that on the boardwalk in Wiildwood NJ, they serve Peanut butter sof serve ice cream.We were there for the weekend and my pa son wanted ice cream soft serve is the only kind I get for him.Blah, I had to walk and walk until I found a place that only sold chocolate and vanilla, never peanut butter!
btw, my bil owns a carvel. I agree that there ice cream may not be the best , however, he makes my kids safe sundaes, flying saucers etc. It takes my sister and him a long time to do, but in the end my kids get a freezer full of safe sundaes! My sister is like the peanut/nut gastapho in the store, lol.

Posted on: Mon, 08/04/2003 - 9:26pm
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A local ice cream place near me has a peanut butter and a pistachio soft serve. I stick to places who only serve chocolate and vanilla soft serve and I always make sure that they have not had other flavors in the equipment in the past. We usually only get ice cream for DS at McDonald's.

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