Social Security Income Supplement for PA?

Posted on: Sat, 11/18/2000 - 5:10am
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Have any Americans applied for Social Security Income Supplement for their PA child based on PA only?

Of course, the answers will not matter to me, as I am Canadian, as far as me being able to apply, but they may help other Americans in deciding whether they are eligible for this or not.

This question actually stems from some information I am trying to find for Canada, specifically Ontario.

I know that my girlfriend receives some money (she is not clear if it is federal or provincial) due to her daughter having club feet. This is the only "condition" of her receiving the money. I am attempting to find out where she is getting the money and if I would qualify for something similar.

Now, all of us deal with PA, regardless of increased income or not. Our children are fed name brand foods, get their MedicAlert bracelets, have their Epi-pens whether covered by a drug plan or not. But, is there any financial assistance in either of our countries to help people that become financially strapped by the necessities involved with PA? Do you know what I'm attempting to say, without being offensive in any way?

I'm simply interested. Best wishes! [img][/img]


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Posted on: Mon, 11/20/2000 - 12:58am
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I don't think having a peanut allergy would qualify someone for a social security benefit.
Perhaps food allergies to multiple things whereby it would be impossible, say, to eat anything but a specially prepared formula or something, then you might have a chance.

Posted on: Mon, 11/20/2000 - 1:19am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Mom2Mom, thank-you for your response.
I also, very quickly realized, that if anyone is receiving this supplement, they would be very hesitant to post it on the board for all to see, because if you are in a low-income situation, you don't need the whole board knowing about it. It's your own personal business. So, perhaps my posting, in itself, was out-of-line.
I'm Canadian, so this question did not even affect me directly. What I'm trying to figure out, and I've decided that I'll have to do this mostly off-the-board, is what assistance is there for low income families when it comes to purchasing brand name foods, MedicAlert bracelets, FAN memberships, etc.
A lot of people, if hard strapped financially will be hard pressed to purchase some items.
It will be difficult to purchase the educational videos to inform and educate our childrens' schools, buy the posters for static displays, everything that we need to educate others, than ourselves, about PA.
What resources are there out there?
I am going to try to attempt to find Canadian answers to this question and start a separate thread. I simply know that some people, when faced with even having to purchase an Epi-pen without a drug plan are faced with a big financial decision and this is based on their economic status.
Again, I did realize that probably no one would respond even if they do receive the supplement. As I told everyone on the board, I do have a girlfriend that has a child with clubfeet. The child is not disabled in any way and you cannot even notice that her feet are different. But, she does receive extra money from our government to assist her in the costs of having a child with clubfeet. I know that she does have to buy name brand, expensive sneakers for her child, rather than cheapies, but I know that I have to do the same for Jesse as he has weak ankles.
Do you know what I'm trying to get at without being offensive? If any American has information re this, perhaps they could have other Americans e-mail them to find out additional information. As far as Canadian information, I only have a little bit, but feel free to e-mail me at [email][/email]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 11/20/2000 - 3:10am
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social security benefits are not given out based on income. don't worry about insulting anyone about that.
you receive social security (which you must pay into from your income over the years in order to get by the way) based on a few criteria, death (ie, your spouse dies, a parent of a minor dies thus the minor is eligible, etc), disability (whole or partial) etc. BUt its not a form of welfare.
good luck

Posted on: Mon, 11/20/2000 - 6:16am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Mom2Mom, thank-you! You've actually given me another avenue to explore in Canada - The Canada Pension Plan which sounds very much like Social Security Income Supplement. It's so hard to figure out the differences between our two countries sometimes, for me, anyways. We have Old Age Pension, which you have to be 65+ to receive and that's it. Then we have Canada Pension Plan which encompasses basically all of the things that you have outlined under Social Security Income Supplement - money if your spouse dies, you become disabled, etc., but also money that you have paid into over the years. Great idea, thank-you! Do you know if you have any State legislated ways of helping people out? I've maybe found a provincial one - won't be sure about that for a couple of weeks and I'm fairly clear it won't simply cover PA, but it is a start.
At any rate, thanks again, and best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 03/26/2001 - 11:40pm
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Just thought I would bring this thread back up. I was wondering if anyone was getting any financial help for PA. You can email me at [email][/email]. I figure no one has convince the govt. that pa can be costly to educate and provide your child properly with things he needs.

Posted on: Tue, 03/27/2001 - 4:29am
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Anonymous (not verified)

jawar, it was wonderful to see this thread brought up again! Actually, I think you may be onto something. Can we, as a group of PA parents, despite our different income levels, convince government that PA does increase expenditures in our household - not only on food, but other things as I mentioned above.
Is there something that we could do, as a group, to have PA recognized as obviously club feet are recognized in my province?
Do you know what I'm trying to say?
I know that the Action part of this board, I believe is supposed to be directed towards Manufacturers, but I am wondering if we can't be pro-active re PA with the government and do something all together under the Action discussion heading. I am just really unclear as to how to word a letter to any type of government. I think we also have to be clear that there is not money available FOR SURE either in our respective province or state and then from our respective countries. Hmm, now you've got me thinking here and not altogether clearly. How could I word it to see if anyone knows if there is money available in any or all of the 50 states and however many provinces we have? Also, will PA parents/people that are not of low to middle income even care about this concern?
I actually think that they "should" and I will explain why.
Under Manufacturers' e-mails are being directed to Kellogg's re their labeling. I did have to go in and question why Kellogg's because I don't have a problem with Kellogg's in Canada. However, I still joined the campaign because I want to help my American PA parents/people feel safe with a product the same way I do.
So, despite different income levels, I do believe we could probably get everyone together and write something to our respective governments. It's almost like we need a representative from each State and Province to write to the proper people in those States (and to find out whose those people are) and then everyone in each country could write to the respective Federal leaders.
Let me get thinking about the semantics of this mission. I am not clear if it is even possible. I say that we give it a go, even if it's just you and I, jawar!
Again, you really got me thinking by bringing this thread up again, especially since the board has become more outwardly pro-active.
Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]
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Posted on: Thu, 04/05/2001 - 2:26am
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I might be opening a can of worms here.
I think this goes to the disability office of the state. What is their definition of a disability? Does it include peanut allergic children? Do they realize this can be life-threatening?
I have emailed my state 3 times to ask if they consider a life-threatening peanut allergy a disabitlity. I can't seem to get an answer NOT EVEN A RESPONSE!!!!!
No one wants to take responsibility to an answer to the question.

Posted on: Thu, 04/05/2001 - 2:49am
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Anonymous (not verified)

jawar, when you're e-mailing your State, is it one person in particular you're addressing your e-mail to? I'm wondering if you could send a "hard" copy of the e-mail in the regular mail also? The reason I'm saying this is because I can e-mail the Premiere of my province (the Nazi who is responsible for increased homelessness, poverty, food bank useage and a litany of other things) each and every day and get no response. However, if I send him a "hard" copy of the same e-mail, he will respond, if only to provide me with his same rhetoric.
I do know within my province different people that I can contact my e-mail and have them respond, but there are a lot of government officials that still prefer to be addressed by regular mail, even if they do, as in the case of my Premiere call themselves The Web Premiere! LOL!
Great for trying though! Now, someone else had brought something else up about this I think in the Low Income thread under Action.
Does the ADA consider PA a disability? Is this a Federal act? If a Federal act considers PA a disability shouldn't each State therefore have to recognize it as such also?
I am SO pleased that there is someone from the U.S. working on this because I really don't know enough about the workings of your government to be of much assistance.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 05/27/2001 - 1:33pm
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Hello there, Yes, I am currently applying for Social Security Disability for my daughter. It is stated that a disability is something that doesn't allow a child to do the same things as another child the same age. Well, my daughter can't eat anything without me checking it, can't go to play just any place, can't do the same activities as another child her age. So the SS department sent me the forms to apply which I am currently filling out. They also told me if I am turned down the first time, appeal, and keep appealing until I win. It sounds like it could take a long time, but they did state if I do my appeals in the correct time, they have to go back to the time I started all of it and make back payments. I won't know for several months, but will definetly keep everyone updated. I know how much this could help others.

Posted on: Sun, 05/27/2001 - 3:23pm
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momof4, excellent! Please let us know how it turns out. I know that many of us are reluctant to have our children labeled "disabled" but when it comes to ensuring their safety in school (a 504 Plan in the U.S.) and possibly making their lives better in financial terms, then I believe it is a small price to pay. Also, it's not like our children themselves know that we have had them labeled by the government as such.
It was wonderful of you to re-raise this thread because I am still filling out the application to my province. The thing is, and I think I posted it elsewhere here, is that I threw the return envelope out when I was doing some clutter cleaning a few weeks ago. So this requires a call to find out where to send the form once I do get it all added up.
I know that a lot of PA parents dealing with PA may not even consider how much more money is spent because your child is PA, but believe me, if you looked at the budget that I did on my application, things DO add up.
And for some people the adding up of these things, included with additional medical care and prescriptions, especially, I believe if you live in the U.S., but not to be negated if you live in Canada, can cause stress and financial hardship.
I really think it is important for some of us to source out information to share with other PA parents that may not feel comfortable posting (because then the assumption is made that they are low income) so that they do know that there is funding available out there.
When I originally got the application for my son, it was because I had a friend receiving some money every month (she never told me the amount and couldn't even be clear as to where it came from - it was from the province) because her daughter has club feet. Well, to the best of my knowledge, her daughter's club feet are no more disabling than my son's PA.
This little girl can run, jump, and kick with the best of them. Also, there are not any extra financial requirements made of her parents because of her club feet on an almost DAILY basis, as there is with PA.
Yes, and also, about the appeal thing, definitely. Here, in Ontario, if you apply for Disability (as an adult), you are AUTOMATICALLY rejected when you submit your application the first time. In our province this is almost a way to intimidate you so that you will not follow-up further. If you're denied you simply sit back and accept that fact. NO! Appeal. Then, with Disability here you appeal and then you are again rejected. You have to appeal 3 times and it takes up to 18 months before a decision is made as to whether or not you are disabled in this province and able to receive government money to live on. This is different than the applications we are making on behalf of our children, but it sounds as though the process is very similar.
Don't be offput by a first denial. Keep appealing. Make sure you keep all of your paperwork and make the deadlines required (if any). Keep appealing. It is only natural for the government to want you to STOP your application so that you will not receive additional funding.
Please, please, let us know how this works out because I'm sure that there are many people, although they may not post their interest, that are.
Best wishes! [img][/img]


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