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Posted on: Sat, 03/03/2001 - 1:42pm
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pHello,br /
My two year old has been recently diagnosed with asthma and a peanut allergy. I started noticing hives on my daughter when she was about 5-6 months old. It took me a while to discover that they were from my hands after I had peanut butter. When I suspected she had pa I started keeping peanuts away. However, I did not know of all the hidden dangers. Since she has been diagnosed with asthma, we have gone to an allergist, and was tested, and yes, it was /
I have been reading these boards, and any other sites I could /
This pa really makes me nervous. I just thought I would put a few questions out there, and hope you will take the time to help /
1. Does anyone know how safe chocolate chip Teddy Grahams are? 2. My daughter has soy, all the time, is it safe for someone with pa?br /
Thanks for any help you can give./p

Posted on: Sat, 03/03/2001 - 11:27pm
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Hello Deanna and welcome! I tried to find information on the Teddy Grahams for you, but the "search" function on this board is temporarily down, but I do know that Cayley eats regular and chocolate Teddy Grahams with no trouble. We're in Canada, though, so you may want an answer from someone in the States. Check the box for a toll-free number to call - it's always best to call for yourself anyway, than take someone else's word for it!
Also, Cayley has no problem with soy. Soy is a legume, and so are peanuts, so they are in the same family, but more people with PA can tolerate soy than cannot. If she's always had it, she's probably fine with it.
Once the "search" function is up and running again, you should have an easier time getting answers to your questions. Meanwhile, just post if you have any more! We're all here to help! [img][/img]
There is a lot of asthma information on the board, too. Check under the Links section for websites that deal with asthma and allergies. At first, PA is very overwhelming, but soon you will find the best way to deal with it. Read labels on everything, and always check with the manufacturer by phone or email if there is any doubt about the safety of a product.
A lot of us dealing with PA also avoid other highly allergenic foods, just in case another food allergy develops. For example, shellfish, eggs, milk and tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, etc.). If your daughter is fine with eggs and milk at this time, you don't need to start avoiding them, but shellfish is best avoided until at least age 5, and I will always keep Cayley away from tree nuts - if she develops an tree nut allergy, it will also tend to be lifelong. Hope this helps a bit! Welcome - glad you found us! [img][/img]

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