So glad to find ya\'ll!

Posted on: Thu, 07/22/1999 - 6:58am
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Hi everybody! I just discovered this board. Just last week my son (who just turned 2) had a reaction to peanut butter. I have never heard of the peanut allergy before! I was absolutely shocked and I can't believe how uninformed I have been. I have offered my son peanut butter at home many times and he always just turned his nose up at it. Last week at day care he was given a peanut butter cracker and he tasted it and said "yucky". Then immediately his eye swelled up so bad it was completely shut and he had hives on his legs and stomach. Luckily the day care director is very informed and she gave him benadryl and called me and I rushed over there and called my pediatrician from the day care. His nurse told me to call an ambulance immediately which we did. So we got to the hospital and they gave him more benadryl and epinephrin. Thank goodness he didn't get to the point of his throat closing up. The day care says they have given him peanut butter before which might have sensitized him to it. I can't believe he ever ate it though. I did eat peanut butter when I was breastfeeding so I guess I may have done it to him. I'm also expecting baby #2 in 2 weeks and have been eating peanut butter during this whole pregnancy because I didn't know any better!!! Anyway, my son has an appointment with an allergist in two weeks so we can find out more. I'm just really happy to have found a board where I can talk to others who are in my same situation!

Posted on: Thu, 07/22/1999 - 8:43am
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pGlad you found this site! Sorry to hear your two year old is peanut allergic! It is challenging too epecially right now with new one due so soon. There planning and reading ingred. lists. I found Food Allergy Network helpful as they have a small card that lists foods to avoid etc. Their number is 1-800-929-4040. My peanut allergic son is almost 9, wears Medic Alert braclet or necklace whenever he's away from home- that number is /
One thing I didn't realize after I learned of my son's peanut allergy was to avoid tree nuts (because of possible peanut contaimination) It turns out that my son's allergic to tree nuts also though manying people have a single food allergy./p
pWelcome to the board. It do get easier. Hope all stay safe!/p

Posted on: Thu, 07/22/1999 - 9:14am
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pIsn't it amazing how these kids just seem to *know* that something is wrong with them eating pb? My daughter had the same reaction as your son did. There she was, sitting in her high chair, just a little over a year old. I was beginning to give her table foods and thought 'every kid loves pbj' and so prepared her one. She wouldn't touch it and just cried and cried. At the time I thought she was being stubborn. It was just a few short months later that she had her first reaction. That day in the high chair has come to my mind many times since then. She just seemed to *know* that she couldn't/shouldn't eat it!/p
pI also breastfed and feel like that is probably how she was sensitized. I did not realize the need to avoid peanuts during my second pregnancy. After our second daughter was born we talked to our allergist about the chances of her having it too. He recommended for us to avoid introducing all peanuts until she was 3. She is now 5 and has never shown any allergies. I hope the same holds true for you! Welcome to the boards!/p

Posted on: Thu, 07/22/1999 - 9:52am
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pHi Sheila,/p
pWelcome to the site. My son had his first reaction at 15 mos. after eating a very tiny bite of a pb cookie (he also didn't seem to like it). Interestingly enough, my babysitter said she had given him pb several times with no reaction, so I guess it took him a while to get sensitized. /p
pI am so glad that your pediatrician was on top of this allergy. Mine and many others weren't, as his nurse just said to give my son benadryl and he'd be ok. Luckily, my maternal instincts kicked in and I took him to a clinic, where he had two epinephrine injections and two more doses of benadryl. By the time we got there he was already experiencing breathing difficulties. Of course, now I know to always call the EMS and never attempt to transport my son to an emergency facility myself, but I didn't know it then. /p
pLooking forward to having your support, Debbie/p

Posted on: Fri, 07/23/1999 - 12:15am
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pWelcome to the world of two small children, where the older is pa. My daughters are 16 months apart and if I knew then what I Knew then...but I can't change the past. I ate a lot of peanut butter durring both pregnancies and nursing. We did not find out exactlly what we were dealing with with my older daughter until she was 3 1/2 and had a new ped. My first did not believe that kids under 3 had allergies! So every time she threw up we cleaned up the mess and got on with our lives. Eventually it dawned on me that it was related to her eating peanuts or peanut contaminated foods. /p
pSorry, I'm starting to ramble. Suffice it to say that my older daughter is peanut (and other food) allergic, officially diagnosed and treated and my younger daughter shows no signs of any food allergies. My youngest even ate pb for about a year before her sister was diagnosed. /p
pGood luck and I wish you luck with the new baby./p
pMary Lynn/p
pp.s. There had been a site, can't find it right now, that tlaked about getting the second child tested for allergies before entering school. That may be down the line a bit, but something you may want to consider. ML/p
p[This message has been edited by MaryLynn (edited July 23, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Fri, 07/23/1999 - 1:12am
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pIt is amazing that babies do seem to know before you do what they shouldn't have. My son gagged on eggs and gerber vegetable beef dinner each time I tried to give him these things. later on because of his reaction to a bite of peanut butter(vommiting and eye swelling) I found out that he is not only PA but also is allergic to egg whites and beef. I thought he was just being melodramatic about his food dislikes. Now I recall that he gagged on banana too, so i think that there is a possible allergy there as well./p

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