So glad I found this board!!


Hi! So happy I found this board! Who knew? I typed in Peanut Allergy in a search engine and here I am. DS, who is now 2, was diagnosed at 15 months after I gave him PB on a cracker. Spent the night in the ER. Now I am armed with an EpiPen and Benedryl. I have a question maybe someone can answer. My DD is 4 months old. What are the chances that she too, is allergic to PB as my son is? There is no history of this type of allergy in our families. What did those of you do with your second child, ask the pediatrician or allergist to do a RAST test to see? Thanks for any info! This is a difficult thing to deal with as parents, just one more thing to have to worry about. As if we didn't have enough. But, I just check EVERY label of food. This site will be a great helper, there are things I didn't know! When I tell people of this they think it's no big deal. My biggest fear is sending him to kindergarten when his eating will be somewhat out of my control. UGH.

On Jul 1, 2002

Hello and welcome, NYMom! My PA/TNA son is 4 1/2 yrs old. We keep a nut free home and my allergist told me that my 2 yr old must be exposed to peanut product for it to show up on a test. I plan to take him to the allergists office to give him peanut product for exposure and then have him tested. I feel the need to do this since he will be attending pre school in the fall.

We do not suspect that he has PA. He is not as sensitive as my PA son; my PA son had reflux for the first year, sensitive skin , rashes etc that my 2 yr old does not experience. So we will find out soon.

We are teaching him about PA so he can keep his big brother safe and nut free!

I hope this helps you! Keep reading, there is a wealth of information on these boards.

On Jul 2, 2002

Hi, Our child immunologist suggests having children in families tested at 12 mths if there is a history of food allergies in immediate members. I understand that there is no reason to believe that a PA allergy means that siblings are higher risk for specifically PA....just that they are risk for any food allergies. Our oldest had seafood/eggs. We had middle child tested - fine. We had youngest tested - PA and milk. By testing at 12 mths we avoided having peanut reaction to find out about allergy. Hope this helps :-)

Kim in Canada

On Jul 2, 2002

Hi! My pa son just made it through Kindergarten in a school and classroom that were not peanut-free with no reactions so it can be done! [img][/img] Our big rule is that he only eat foods that come from home (and wash his hands if he feels anything sticky on them!) My second child is 4 and we kept her peanut-free until she was 3 and we needed to know for preschool. She was in a very picky eating stage so we couldn't get her to try pb and ended up having her scratch-tested with a neg. result. I have since sneaked peanut to her with no problems although she refuses it if she knows its in the food. My third child is 2 and an allergist recommended that sometime before preschool I do a food challenge with peanut butter - a little on her lip, wait 20 min., a pea-sized amount to eat, wait 20 min., double that amount, etc. I guess I will do the same with shellfish and tree nuts - start very slowly, watch carefully, and keep the Benadryl and Epi handy! Hope this helps!

On Aug 11, 2002

I am a elementary school teacher who is PA. I have taught kindergaten and currently teach 2nd Grade. My room is always peanut free and you would be surprised how kind and understanding little children can be about this. On the first day of school every year I always send a letter home to my parents and described to the kids like what happens when people who are allergic to bees are stung. They seem to relate to this. I have never had a problem. Many schools today are aware of this allergy and perhaps if you discusse it with the teacher before hand it can become a peanut free room. Good luck and if you have any questions let me know!