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Okay, this may seem random, but I have to share! I am going to college this fall (FINALLY!) And I just found out something really great. I recently changed my housing at my college from living in the regular campus dorm to living in a semi-off campus dorm. I did this because I have 8:00 classes every day, and in order to eat breakfast in the morning I would have to hike from my dorm to the cafeteria to my class, and would have to get up WAY too early for my liking. This new dorm has a cafeteria in it so that I don't have to go to the main one to eat. Anyway, we drove down there yesterday to fill out the forms for my new dorm. And as we were talking to the person in charge, we found out that one of the chefs has a peanut allergy! Because of that shef, the cafeteria is practically peanut-free! They have peanut butter, but it is in those little packets and they do a really good job to keep it from spreading around. Other than that, there is no food with peanuts or peanut products! So I'm totally safe! Anyway, I just thought I'd share this great experience [img][/img]

On Jul 29, 2000

I was just so excited to read your article! My brother is a chef,and is so understanding with this allergy. He has seen how ill my 14 year old can get from nuts and has actually had meetings with his staff on the severity of this. He said I never want and will not except ignorance. I hope you have good luck at college. I think when my son goes I will be awake all night. Your family must be so relieved about this. My brother has mentioned that maybe all chefs and waiters go to at least a day of learning the severity. My sister in law works at a hospital,and when a nurse ordered a sunday they put nuts on it knowing she was allergic. They forgot and put the nuts on the sunday. When she told them to make a new sunday she could not eat that one they only scraped the nuts away and told her they made a new one. Sure enough she was very ill. I think you are very lucky to be going to a school where someone that understands you will also be cooking for you. Good luck in college and take care. Claire

On Jul 29, 2000

That is awesome news..I want to know what college [img][/img]

On Jul 29, 2000

Jess, That is great news and you have every right to be so excited. I also want to know what school you are going to. Also, anything you can share with us about what manufacturers or foods you found to be SAFE! I assume you have been dealing with PA a lot longer than some of us. Got any good info you can pass on? Have a great time in school and get terrific marks. Stay Safe!

On Jul 30, 2000

I am headed for the AWESOME University of North Carolina! Go Tar Heels! Anyway, I get a lot of questions and I'm always happy to answer 'em. My email is [email][/email] [img][/img]

On Jul 31, 2000

Congratulations Jess! What a relief that must be for you! I am in Tar Heel country myself. I hope that chef sticks around for about 10 years so I can send my son there. If you aren't already from NC, you will love it here. It is the best place to live! Good luck and enjoy!