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I am really confused here!!! We took my son who is now 13 months old for allergy testing a month and a half ago because of a suspected milk allergy. Well turned out with the skin test he tested neg for everything expect peanut. He had a 2-3+ reaction to peanut (so not terrible). He had never had anything peanut before that test... actually he hadn't had much of anything because they told us to avoid so many things because of the suspected dairy allergy... the child only ate like 5 different foods and was on Alimentum. The allergist ordered a blood test to confirm the peanut and question milk, soy, corn, and wheat (he's had horrible eczema problems, 8 ear infections in less than 6 months, chronic constipation and all sorts of other symptoms). ALL of the blood test came back normal (don't know numbers they just told me they were normal). So I asked if this meant he had a peanut allergy or not and they said maybe?????? MAYBE????? So I asked what to do and they said no peanut products and they will retest him when he's closer to 3 and they sent me home.

I went in for his 12 month visit 2 weeks later and asked my ped about it and he gave me the same "maybe" response to if he was or wasn't allergic and told me to avoid peanuts but not to get bogged down with all the may contains and being superparanoid and hypervigilent about it.

Fast forward to last weekend... we go to get ice cream. I specifically asked the place about their handeling policies and told them that my son had a peanut allergy (I know the ped said not to be hypervigilent but I can't help it I am a mom). They told me they keep all of the nut-free flavors in seperate freezers and the same scoop stays in the same flavor all day so no cross contamination. I buy into it and get him a baby scoop of vanilla which he CHOWS down. We get into the car and he's got a HUGE hive on his face...covering his whole cheek (at least 2 inches in diameter) and a few more small ones scattered on his face. I quickly gave him benedryl and watched him closely for the next few hours and he was fine.

So now I am confused... did he likely get something peanut or could it have been something else??? My ped says cold can cause hives too (older son had hive issues... breaks out randomly all the time). Why was his blood test negative if he really is allergic?? I don't get it!!!!! PLEASE help!!!

On Jun 20, 2006

Can't help much on the peanut end of things. (I'm an adult with food allergies.) But you've found the right place for info and, best of all, support.

With an almond allergy (avoiding all tree nuts), I would not trust scooped ice cream. Some PA parents do trust soft serve at certain places. I would start by reading some of the old posts. Everyone has their own comfort level, and some children are contact-reactive or more. You will be developing your own family's comfort level. For now, you are still in the shock of the diagnosis.>>>HUGS<<<

And yes, the RAST can be negative. (Mine has been on several occasions, even for shrimp.) So err on the side of caution for now. Rid your home of PB and "may contains". Read labels every time. And remember, you son is still so young. This is the only time in his life *you* will be in control of what goes into his mouth. So glad you didn't find out the hard way with a visit to the ER.

Keep up the Benadryl for hives, and be sure to have an Epi on hand *at all times* for anything more. Call your Doc if you have any other questions.

And see the Anaphylaxis symptoms and grading chart. [url=""][/url]

Take care, Daisy

On Jun 20, 2006

Egg? Some vanilla ice cream contains egg. But you're right, who knows what it was x-contaminated with. I'm assuming he's ok with dairy now, you mentioned a suspected dairy allergy...


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On Jun 20, 2006

Thank you both for your replies!! I am dying for any info that I can get my hands on!!

Neither the allergist or our pediatrician gave us a script for an epipen so we don't have one... that scares me but I do keep benedryl everywhere (in my diaper bag, in the car, etc) and always have even before this.

After his allergy testing we reintroduced dairy and everything else we were told to avoid slowly and he had no problems. He's been on whole milk for about a month now without any issues. His eczema is terrible but that flared after a viral rash he got a month ago and I am still struggling to get it back under control.

On Jun 21, 2006


Originally posted by brown1442: After his allergy testing we reintroduced dairy and everything else we were told to avoid slowly and he had no problems. He's been on whole milk for about a month now without any issues. His eczema is terrible but that flared after a viral rash he got a month ago and I am still struggling to get it back under control. [/B]

If his eczema is flaring, MY non-medical guess? He's not in the 'no problem' zone. He's having problems. Eczema is the reaction.

A lot of kids show that s a reaction to foods, and test negative to RAST/SPT. VERY common.

Only way to know if hes reacting to a food (or foods) is to PULL those foods out of his diet for 2 weeks, and see if eczema clears.

Using cortisone creams, or moisutrizing will help that, perhaps.

And once skin is clear, then trialing one ingredient at a time, is necessary IMO.

Is dairy an issue still? Maybe.

Would I, if milk is ok, trust an ice cream store? Nope. Not IN my comfy zone for a child like that.

Epi Pens? Yes. Get an RX for a twin pk which comes with a trainer. Learn it... just in case.


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On Jun 21, 2006

If you think there's a possibility it could be cold hives (I used to get these, it's a very real problem), just stick an ice pack on his arm or face for a few minutes, like you would if he had a twisted ankle or something. If he gets a hive, it's the cold. If not, then it's something in the ice cream OR something he picked up at the shop and ate while you weren't looking.

If you think it was the ice cream, it could be the milk or egg. If it was in a cone, it could also be wheat. What flavor was the ice cream? It could be vanilla or chocolate that's the problem. *Personally* I doubt it was from peanut contamination if he's having other allergy problems because of the precautions that shop seems to have taken. Some people get hives when they're rubbed or scratched...did you clean off his face a little roughly with a napkin? That's also very easily tested. Otherwise, figure out the ingredients in the ice cream, eliminate them all from his diet for a week or two (until you see a good deal of improvement) then just add them in one by one.

On Jun 21, 2006

This sounds a LOT like our story. My son had excema so bad as a baby that his face would crack and bleed. As soon as he went on Alimentum it cleared up and he has never had a problem with it since (he is now 10). As for the tests, at 11 months my son was a 1+ on SPT and was given an Epi pen. Now at 10 years old he is a 4++, BUT when he had RAST testing done a couple of years ago his peanut allergy did not show up on it even though he had a recent anaphalactic episode to peanuts! His shellfish allergy showed up on the RAST and he has never had a known shellfish reaction... go figure.

If it were my child, knowing what I do now, I would treat him as if he were allergic (exactly as you are doing) and hope that with vigilence that he will grow out of it.

We kept Timmy on Alimentum till he turned 2 and now he uses milk on cereal and even drinks it occasionally with no problems. He was never allergic to milk or soy, just caused him severe excema and asthma.

Hope this helps, Valerie

On Jun 21, 2006


Was your son ever tested for egg allergy?


On Jun 21, 2006

hmmmmmmm.... I thought I replied to this this morning???? cyberspace must have eaten my post [img][/img]

Anyway, my son tested negative to everything but peanut with the skin test (peanut was 2-3+ out of 4). They tested him for over 40 different things. They only tested peanut, milk, egg, corn, and wheat when they drew his blood and all of those came back negative.

After we got the neg blood test results teh allergist told me to introduce milk slowly and see what happened. I started him off on yogurt and he was fine so we added in whole milk and cheese and he continued to be fine. After 2 weeks of him being okay on milk I tried eggs too and he did totally fine with those... he eats scrambled eggs no problem. So I doubt its a milk or egg thing.

I tried putting an ice cube on his arm and no hives appeared so not sure if it was a cold thing or not?? Maybe I didnt' leave it on long enough... how long are you supposed to leave it there???

My mom and dad both ordered ice cream ith peanut butter in it but I was the one holding Matthew the whole time and we ate outside???

The eczema he has right now came after he had a viral rash which he got well after we started milk and eggs.

On Jun 21, 2006

Even if they keep separate scoops for each case, in an ice cream store, peanut can cross contaminate so easily. Suppose the server scooped PB ice cream, then went to the other case to scoop the "nut free" ice cream. PB probably would have gotten on his or her hands in the process thus cross contaminating the other ice cream.

Also, it's hard to know if the ice cream itself is safe even prior to being scooped.

On Jun 21, 2006

Ahhh, I've been there, done that with my dd.

We suspected a dairy allergy from the time she was 2 weeks old, but her pediatrician kept poo-pooing us. When she was having some growth issues, he pushed for testing to see what was holding up her growth, and I got him to slip in RAST testing for milk and soy in there.

She tested negative to milk on the RAST, but was still reacting to it to we kept her dairy free. When we re-tested her at 2 1/2, she tested positive to milk.

RAST results can be fairly inaccurate for kids under 2 years old, and a reaction always trumps the test results.

It could be that your child is allergic to peanuts after all. Or egg, or milk or anything else considering the eczema.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (8 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg) Joey (6 NKA) Allison (3 MFA including milk, butternut squash, several fruits and suspected shellfish allergies, avoiding tree nuts, RAST - for peanut) Ryan (born 12/27/05) nka *knock on wood*

On Jun 21, 2006


Originally posted by brown1442: [b]Maybe I didnt' leave it on long enough... how long are you supposed to leave it there???

My mom and dad both ordered ice cream ith peanut butter in it but I was the one holding Matthew the whole time and we ate outside??? [/b]

I think you probably left the ice on long enough, but the grandparents having PB ice cream adds a whole other dimension to the situation. Did they touch him? Kiss him? Wipe his face? Breathe on him? Touch something that he then touched and stuck his hand near his mouth? It was probably either x-cont. by the food server somehow, or the grandparents with the PB residue from their ice cream.