Snyder\'s Pretzels

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Just wanted everyone to be aware that SNYDER's Pretzels now have a new product out there: it contains peanut butter between two pretzels. I saw an ad for this (and I am glad i did as I have allergies to all legumes) and was planning on calling the company since I used to eat the "Snaps" variety quite frequently. I chose these because they were one of the few pretzels out there that did not contain soybean oil. The last time I was in the supermarket, I checked my normally safe bag of Snyder's "snaps" pretzels and found an allergy warning on it. So here is evidence once again about not even taking your "safe" foods for granted. Always read the labels even when you've eaten the product before. If I hadn't seen the ad for the new product and wasn't aware of Snyder's new peanut butter product, and I grabbed a new bag of pretzels from the store shelf, without reading the label since it had always been a safe food, I may have had a reaction. I sent the company a letter about this, but have not received a response. This type of thing is SO frustrating! Our food choices are already so limited and then when you find safe foods, there is always a chance that the company may change something and you can no longer eat that food.

On Mar 11, 2006

Did you get a response from the company yet. We also use Snaps. I thought the new warning was just because of the new labeling. I was hoping that nothing really changed with the manufacturing. Please keep us updated.

On Mar 16, 2006

I had called and the new labeling IS because of the new product. We have switched to Rold Gold pretzels.

On Mar 20, 2006

snyders has a peanut butter warning at least on some if not all of their pretzels now.

On Apr 4, 2006

I was soooo bummed out when I saw the warning and the new product. I'm going to write them to tell them they'll now see a drop in business. I used to "live" on their pretzels as my #1 snack. I just bought a generic store brand that comes without a warning and does not make a peanut butter pretzel (who saw that coming?!). Pretty soon they'll start growing apples with peanut butter inside. Geesh!