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Posted on: Mon, 03/01/2004 - 5:23am
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I posted this under the Frito Lay thread, but thought it might be useful here too. I just spoke w/frito lay b/c of conflicting answers everyone has gotten here. I spoke with Janet at CS. She told me that brands made with peanuts are made in a separate facility (ie. Frito Lay crackers, Kettle One Potato Chips, Miss Vicki's chips, Grandma's cookies - all could be cross-contaminated). She's sending me the list in the mail. Brands that don't contain peanuts are made in a p/tn-free facility & are deemed safe: Rold Gold pretzels, Cheetos & Doritos. I forgot to ask about Tostitos, but according to her, if it doesn't contain any nuts, it would be made in the pn/tn-free facility. I think we'll switch to Frito Lay while Snyder's gets their act together & builds that separate room. My son loves the Snap pretzels & will be disappointed. Ugh.



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