Posted on: Tue, 10/01/2002 - 12:47pm
SusieT-R's picture
Joined: 09/25/2002 - 09:00

Snyders of Hanover has started selling a new line of pretzels called "Yo-tzels." These are rolled pretzels that are stuffed with strawberry yogurt. I was about to purchase a package when I noticed that they also sell the same type of pretzel but it is stuffed with PEANUT BUTTER. So, I called Snyders and was told that although Snyders sells these, they are all produced by an outside source AND THEY CANNOT CONFIRM THAT THE YOGURT ONES (and any other types that are stuffed) ARE NOT CONTAMINATED. I voiced by concern because there is absolutely no allergen warning and I told the rep that most people I know who are peanut/treenut allergic consider Snyders to be a "safe" nut-free company. At the least, they need a "May Contain or Produced In a Facility" warning. THE REP TOLD ME THAT SNYDERS WAS AWARE OF THE PROBLEM BUT THAT THERE WAS NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER YET ABOUT WHAT THE COMPANY WOULD BE DOING ON FUTURE PACKAGING!!! Please be careful.

Posted on: Mon, 10/21/2002 - 11:30am
SF's picture
Joined: 06/06/2002 - 09:00

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I plan to contact Snyders ASAP since I just purchased their smaller individual packages for Halloween!

Posted on: Mon, 10/21/2002 - 12:59pm
becca's picture
Joined: 05/22/2001 - 09:00

I need to reraise it, but this has come up in recent months. At that time, these yogurt and covered and filled items are done at a seperate facility for Snyders, and their plain items were considered safe and nut free, being from their regular facilities. Becca

Posted on: Thu, 10/31/2002 - 3:57am
SF's picture
Joined: 06/06/2002 - 09:00

I emailed them since I love their halloween packaging and would like to see this item available year round for snacks and lunches (small individual sized bags of pretzels)
Here is the response that I just received from Snyders of Hanover:
Thank you for your email and I appreciate your concerns. All products that contain peanuts are produced at a completely different facility. Our facility is still peanut free. Please let me know if you need anything further. Thanks

Posted on: Sun, 07/20/2003 - 11:58pm
Heather2's picture
Joined: 09/25/2001 - 09:00

How did I miss this information last year? I was shocked to see the pb pretzels in the supermarket yesterday!

Posted on: Mon, 07/21/2003 - 10:48pm
MJMD's picture
Joined: 07/18/2003 - 09:00

I emailed Snyder's yesterday b/c my PA DS loves them, and we've used them w/o incidence. I was really concerned when I read about the Yo-Zels b/c our store doesn't carry them. Here's what I received this morning via email:
[b]All product produced in-house whether here or AZ are peanut free.
The following items are co-packed in plants that process peanuts:
Stonehedge Farms Products
Organic Kettle Pops (both flavors)
Rivard Products
Veggie Crisps
Vend Butter Popcorn
Cheese Twists
G&S Foods Products
Snack Mix
Walton Foods Products
Yozels (all three flavors)
Anderson Products
PBZels (both Flavors)
The Warrell Corporation
Chocolate Mini Dips (both flavors)
Seems pretty reliable. It sounds like all the regular pretzels are still made in P/TN-free facilities. I guess we'll keep eating them.

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