Sneezing in Reaction


DD had a mystery reaction on Saturday - we think it may possibly have been a cake that was on a table near her. Anyway, she got quite extreme hives all over her neck and started sneezing - about 6 times in all. Am I right in thinking that the sneezing was part of the reaction? If so, does this suggest that she was reacting to inhalation? - Or perhaps this happens anyway? She definitely didn't ingest, so reaction must have been from residue on the table or inhalation. I was a bit worried about the severity of the hives as she didn't even touch the cake. having said that, it may not have been the cake at all - we're just guessing. Any opinions? Thanks, Cliona

On Mar 15, 2006

I can only tell you what I've noticed with my own dd.

My dd has sneezed during contact reactions in the past. I think sneezing can be part of a reaction, but it doesn't always mean inhalation.

That's what I've noticed from our situation.

Hope that helps.

edited to add: sneezing was present during ingestion reactions with dd too.

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On Mar 15, 2006

My DD sneezed a lot during an anaphylactic reaction from actually eating something. But several sneezes could actually be anything, irritation or allergy.

On Mar 15, 2006

Two or three sneezes? Could be irritation... many sneezes in a row? Reaction. (JMO) Especially if they come with any other symptom.

We've seen this too-- but not often. Aerosols (for us) usually cause the mucous membranes to become irritated and for skin symptoms to pop on uncovered skin. Only fairly large aerosol doses seem to cause the sneezing. But this may be different for other people.

On Mar 15, 2006

I've definitely seen sneezing as one my son's ingestion reactions. Sneezing and hives and stuffy nose appeared 30 minutes after he ate a manufactured-on vitamin, while he was doing an exercise video with me.

On Mar 15, 2006

Sneezing doesn't necessarily mean it was an inhalation reaction. I had sneezing when reacting to an IV antibiotic (no chance of inhalation there [img][/img] ). Since DD didn't touch the cake I would suspect it was more likely something in the air or residue on the table. Was the cake a pn cake? If you're simply thinking the cake may have been cross-contaminated, I would think that an airborne reaction to cross-contamination would be unlikely.

Hope your DD is feeling better...

I hate those mystery reactions! Rebekah

On Mar 16, 2006

Thanks for all the replies - I feel a bit reassured now. Just had visions of allergies escalating - not good! I don't know what was in the cake - we did try to find out but it had been brought in by a parent and the packaging thrown away so we couldn't get any information. I hate the mystery reactions too! [img][/img]