Smoking concerns continued

Posted on: Tue, 01/28/2003 - 12:36am
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Posted in another thread:

"mommabear: i was just thinking the same thing you commented on. smoking. people are so resistant to change and having their "rights" infringed upon. however, the fact that all people (not just men and not just whites) can now vote, the fact that we don't have to suck up other peoples' cigarette exhaust at our favorite restaurant, the fact that everyone has the opportunity for an education and a good job, are all good changes that occurred after good people stood up to make a difference. it's too bad there are always a few jerks in opposition but that's the way it always is. anyway, you are right that this is similar to the smoking debate of a few years back. (only i haven't heard of a kid dying of anaphylaxis from second hand smoke so i would think peanut exposure would be taken even more seriously)"

Note: I do not ensure the accuracy of the information of any links I post, but they were interesting reading.

Some reading to consider:



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Wow. A lot of deaths attributed to second hand smoke in those articles. Some from asthma attacks.

I believe one covered the issue of animal dander as a trigger for an asthma attack.

If you can't breathe, you can't breathe?

How many deaths per year are attributed to PA?

I waitressed a number of years and I question the effectiveness of some "non-smoking" sections in restaurants. Would one consider the creation of a some "non-smoking" sections an effective controling passive smoke and justifying one's right to smoke in public? Yes, some create a quite contained environment while others do not. ie: booth in "non smoking" section back to back with "smoking section". Are there any standards governing the creation of "non-smoking" sections in restaurants?

My son has PA and some pretty severe Asthma. When we eat out, I find myself more concerned about smoke in the restaurant than whether someone is eating a peanut product in the restaurant. I don't leave the house without the epi-pen ***OR*** the inhalers. We have a portable nebulizer as well. BTW, an expert at a local children's hospital found his PA to be "most impressive". IGE level around 900, close to 6000 on the Rast, and >100 on the allergen portion. History of contact, injestion, and "airborne" reactions.

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Posted on: Tue, 01/28/2003 - 12:41am
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i was actually commenting on restaurants (and other public places ) that are completely smoke free. if you are in a restaurant that has a smoking section and a non smoking section you're still basically in a smoking environment. i was talking about completely smoke free. i certainly prefer that and would especially rather go to a smoke free environment if asthma was an issue (which it is for one of my girls). joey

Posted on: Tue, 01/28/2003 - 12:44am
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I found the article detailing a lawsuit from a young woman's family (regarding asthma attack, second hand smoke, and her death) interesting.

Posted on: Fri, 01/31/2003 - 2:37pm
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I've had anaphylactic reactions to second hand tobacco smoke--hives, lip/throat swelling. My asthma is also triggered by second hand smoke. And it gives me near instant migraines.
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