Smarties candy phone number?


I am giving ideas to my son's preschool about safe Halloween treats. I wondered if any of you have ever called on smarties candy and if you have a phone #???If so, what did they say to you? Any other ideas about safe candy/treats? Thanks in advance

On Oct 13, 1999

Hi, Smarties are safe except for the special holiday packages like chocolate eggs filled with smarties. They are made by Nestle Canada and I recently called them to update my information. They are made in a nut free plant--even the employees are not allowed to bring products with peanuts or nuts to work in their lunches. Their knowledge about this allergy is excellent. You may call them at 1-800-387-4636.

On Oct 13, 1999

Carrie and Kathryn: I think that you both may be talking about different products. Carrie is in the U.S. and the smarties available down here are not a chocolate covered candy(like Canadian smarties or M & M's). They are a "sweet tart" type candy. Folks also need to be careful about only buying the Nestle Canada Smarties that are made in the North York, Ontario plant. There are some imported Smarties on the market from Germany and Switzerland that are also a Nestle product but are not considered safe. Please make sure to read the label and assure that it is a product produced by Nestle Canada and not only imported by them. Stay safe, Mark

On Oct 19, 1999

Smarties # 908-964-0660 Willi Wanka Candy Factory 630-773-209or 630-773-3464

On Jul 25, 2000

Just called Smarties Canada and they gave me the same information. Regular Smarties are nut free and made in a nut free facility, however,the holiday Smarties are made in a different factory which may not be safe. Always read the labels of all Smarties, just to be sure. I also contacted Nestle UK and Smarties in the UK and Ireland are also nut free and made in nut free facilities. Oh joy, I've found a safe alternative to the American M & M's!

On Jul 25, 2000

To get a phone # really quick for a major manufacturer, I think in both America and Canada, go to [url=""][/url] I'm planning to print their information out and put it in a kitchen cupboard if I ever have to call a manufacturer. I've quickly discovered that Smarties are two different things with our two different countries, and all I can say to Americans is, you don't know what you're missing! They are safe, as are most of the other chocolate bar products produced by Nestle (formerly Rowntree). Coffee Crisp, Kitkat, etc. But, as someone mentioned above, at special occasion time, which really ticks me off, they suddenly become unsafe because of the extra chocolate they're wrapped in. For me, that's really discouraging because they are such a great candy for kids and would be great at special occasion time. The same with the ice cream with Smarties in it - it's not safe because they also have the Turtles line of ice cream in there. I've simply solved that by adding smarties to "safe" ice cream. Sorry, that got a bit off track, but try the [url=""][/url] website and see if you find the information sufficient and quick enough at your fingertips rather than having to search it out. Best wishes.