I have a question about smarties, the tart round candies... I haven't called on it yet, but has anyone else noticed that CVS is also packaging them in their own little bags as well as dum dum lollipops and now they have warnings on them. processed in a facility warnings. They aren't the knock offs of smarties and dum dums they are the actual items just repackaged in CVS bags, so now I am really confused because of the excellent labelly that smarties does on their own packages. Has anyone else run across this?


On May 28, 2007

this happens all the time with stores and candy stores. they are only safe when they are in their original packaging from their company. the warnings are, im sure, because of other things that are packaged on the same line as cvs candies, not the candy itself [img][/img]

On May 28, 2007

This is also the case when smarties are repackaged in Shari brand (sold at Harris teeter) as they are packaged in areas with nut containing candies. I only use smarties in the original packaging by Ce De Candy Company- and check label each time. This is also why "safe candy" from others should not be taken unless you see the original packaging- there will be no way to differentiate just based on the individual rolls.