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Posted on: Sun, 09/19/2004 - 11:59pm
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DS had chosen to remain in the Grade 1 peanut-free lunchroom in Grade 2,3 and 4. He was looking a bit out of place, but felt safer there than in the main lunchroom.

This year (grade 5), after a lot of talking over the summer, he said he would eat with his class ( they eat at their desks). A letter has gone home to parents asking them not to send peanut products - but the room is not a considered peanut free.

Ds has been told if he sees someone eating something that makes him uncomfortable, he can go to the monitor, or if she is checking another room, he can leave the room.

He is quite happy to finally be eating in a room with his friends. He and another PA student watch out for each other and sit together.

On Day 3, his teacher asked the students if anyone had any peanut products in their lunches, before she left for the staff room. One boy (who happens to have threatened DS with a peanut containing chocolate bar in the school hall 2 years ago) said that he had a peanut butter sandwich.

Guess who ate in the hall? Not DS!! The boy with the peanut butter sandwich ate in the hall and I couldn't believe it!

Anyway - just wanted to update DS's lunchroom situation. I'm still not comfortable with the boy who brought the pb sandwich, but the teacher and 4 monitors in the nearby rooms are all aware of the previous situation and are quietly watching out for DS. And I'm really happy that the teacher is so aware!

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