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Posted on: Fri, 01/14/2005 - 12:31pm
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I made a special dessert for my co-workers today one ingredient was Skor Chocolate bars, made the same thing for my family but used Skor Toffee Bits (Hershey Chipits) rather than chocolate bars.

I had a slight hesitation in giving the dessert to my daughter and knew that the skor chips had almonds in them but since my daughter is only PA I thought it would be okay. She has been tested for Nuts on 3 different occassions, first time the result was positive the next two were negative. She has also had Skor bits almost 2 years ago without a reaction.

She had a small bowl of the dessert and then complained her mouth was hot. Told me she didn't like the caramel (Skor bits) because it made her mouth hot. She also had a few red spots -- not hives -- on her lips. I gave her Claritin (all I had in the house) and LOTS of water to drink. She seems find but I will watch her throughout the night just to be sure.

Guess it's time for retesting but if Almonds/Nuts come up negative again, then it is a cross reaction since they are Manufactured in a Facility that processes Peanuts.

I let my guard down one special dessert and now regret it. When my daughter was last tested (2 years ago??) they told me she would never out grow her Peanut allergy, hope this reaction, if not an almond reaction, doesn't mean that she is even more sensitive to peanuts.

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