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I called 3 Musketeers # the other day. The rep. said that there was potential for cross contamination. When he asked if he could help me with anything else, I said, "No, not unless you have anything that is made on a dedicated line..." He said that SKITTLES and STARBURSTS were manufactured in peanut/nutfree plants! I thought that the skittles were only safe if from Canada. Has anyone eaten the ones purchased in the US? Has anyone eaten starbursts???

On Sep 29, 2001

My child eats these all the time as his "safe" treat. I have been a little concerned about the gum tragacanth and gun accacia in some of his "safe" treats, but his allergist has said not to worry about it. I avoid the mini sizes of starbursts and skittles, just as a precaution.

On Sep 30, 2001

My son too eats skittles and sarburst. [img][/img] I feel comfortable giving them to him. We have never had any kind of reaction from them.

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Renee [img][/img]

On Oct 1, 2001

I just received a letter from this company. They said that many of their products are labeled "manufactured in a facility...". But Starburst and Skittles are safe for pa people to eat.

On Aug 24, 2002

Just raising for a recent post on this


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On Jun 19, 2003

I eat the regular sizes, and the sours.

But I'm wondering about the minis. I decided not to try them, because they were in the same type of container as M&M's minis, and I don't eat M&M's. However, I did buy the mini skittles for my son who is not pa. He put one in his mouth and spit it out saying it went bad. He absolutely hates the smell and taste of peanuts and pb - gags and chokes. I smelled the container full of mini skittles, and it smelled like pb.

On Jun 25, 2003

I was pleasantly surprised by the same info when I called their company. DD has been eating the skittles and starburst jelly beans for quite awhile with no problems. We haven't tried actual starbursts yet though.

Oh and as a side note, most willy wonka brand candies are safe. ( made by nestle) They told me they label for cross contamination and that some of their candy is made on a dedicated line like nerds, sweet tarts, runts etc. Make sure to always read the label though in case they change manufacturing procedures! Shelley

On Jul 24, 2003

Sorry.....what are the "mini's" you're talking about? Are there actually smaller size starburst squares and smaller skittles or are you just talking about the individually wrapped ones that come in the 1 pound bags not being safe????

On Sep 26, 2003

I just called about the skittles (USA), and I was told that there was no chance of cross-contamination. The only products produced in that factory are skittles and starburst. Andrea

On Sep 28, 2003

Yes, I just let my son try Skittles recently and he enjoys Starburts Lollipops and Starburst Jelly Beans often.

On Sep 28, 2003

We have always used Skittles for our regular safe treat in a pinch. Dd has them more than any other candy and never had a problem. becca

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