Skin tests


Hi, When my dd was skin tested for a PA I saw the doctor write down 3+ for peanut but we were in the midst of discussing something else and I forgot to ask what the number means. I know that allergic means allergic, and we will avoid peanuts no matter what, but I'm curious, why the number ranking? Also, is there a benefit to getting a blood test as well? Thanks!

On Sep 26, 2006

SPT goes from 1-4, kinda like RAST goes from .35 to >100

The higher the score, the more likely a reaction (not entirely true though).

Both tests have false positives or false negatives... Find a test thats good for you, and stick with it yearly...

I like RAST, because there is no immediate reaction (like wheals on the back) and no fear of 'reactions'. Its just a 'blood draw'.



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