Skin testing


My PA son is going to have skin tests done for tree nuts, melons, eggs. The night of the testing, we are going to be flying to Disney. I am not sure if this is a smart thing to do, and wondering if I should reschedule the appointment. Has anyone ever had or heard of delayed reactions after skin testing? The docs nurse has assured me that he "should" be okay, but I am still worried. I know he is allergic to eggs-was tested at 1 year and was positive (we're hoping he has outgrown this). He has had skin reactions to Dove soap for sensitive skin (contains almond oils) and has had hives over his entire body and face after eating watermelon this summer. Any thoughts?

On Jan 30, 2003

I personally would re-schedule, or could they do a blood test?

Have fun at Disney (like it's possible not to). [img][/img]

------------------ Cynde