skin test yesterday....

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 5:09am
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Well, my son had his skin test for peanuts yesterday. His last skin test for peanuts was around 18 mos of age. He had two prior reactions to peanut. One at about a year old (1 hive) and one a few months later (2-3 hives). This was after eating some PB smeared on bread. It was a tiny amount.

He original had a Cap Rast of 13 a few years ago. Last year it went down to 3 and this year to 2. We practice strict avoidance and have had no reactions. With the decreasing Rast his allergist said he would skin test to compare the results.

Well, I am a little bummed b/c with a 1:10 dilution of peanut he still had a fairly large wheal. I guess I had a glimmer of hope that he was outgrowing. That's not the case. So, we'll just plug along. I guess the decreasing Rast doesn't mean a darn thing in our case.

Take care everyone,


Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 5:52am
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sorry to hear that...but you never know! How large was it, I am still fairly new to this, my dd went to sampson's office yesterday and was tested again, we are waiting her RAST, but her skin hive was about this considered really large? And does the size really determine how "severe" the allergy is? thought it didn't matter.....

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 6:14am
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the size doesn't matter, because so many things can contribute(maybe he got a very condensed amount of peanut in the dropper...or they scratched too much, or some other allergen was triggered, or who knows!!). I would follow the rast, 2 is still high enough I would never challenge, so just keep plugging along. Maybe in a couple years it will drop to 1 or below, stay poisitive though!!! But it has dropped, so that is good news. My son was a 50 and dropped(ever after a few reactions) to a 31...but I'll take it, I think any news(declining) is good news at this point!!! HUGS
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Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 10:58am
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chanada's right, the size of the wheel dosnt matter. the angle they held it also determens the size.
imo it just tells you if you are alergic or not. and thats all.
keep your chin up

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 11:18am
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Thank you all.
I think the wheal measured a 6. I was quite shocked. It looked to be about 1/4" wide. It took a while to develop as well. It did not show up till about halfway through the 15 min period.

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 9:33pm
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When my son had his skin test last year the wheal was a 7. The allergist said that a wheal the size of 8 or greater is a 95% chance there will be a reaction of some sort. We were at a 7. We won't skin test until he is after 4.

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 9:39pm
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My son was never skin tested. SO I cant offere any advice on it I am really not sure how it works.
Dont give up hope though!

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 8:14am
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The same thing just happened to us! I'm sorry that you're going through it too. I had such high hopes... [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 11:11am
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We just had both of our pa children re-tested. I knew that they would still be allergic, but I couldn't help but get my hopes up. Their tests came back the same, 2+ for one and 3 for the other, no change since the last time. I suppose though it was no worse so that was something to be happy about?? I was disappointed, but we keep plugging away.
Cheers, Gilli


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