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Has anybody had their child skin tested where the result was a 4+ only to find out later they didn't have any allergy at all. I have mentioned before how many food allergies my son tested postive to. We have not done oral challenges yet because of how severe his dairy reaction was. I have heard that the skin test often gives false postives. I am just wondering if in fact his peanut allergy is really there. He tested negative to all the tree nuts except brazil nut and pistachio (are those tree nuts?).

On Mar 8, 2003

I don't know the answer to this question, but I'm bumping it up because it's getting lost under some busier threads. I hope someone can provide some insight. My son has never had a skin test.

On Mar 8, 2003

My son tested postive on a skin test and on the RAST to peanuts and almonds. (He had had ambiguous clinical symptoms after ingestion of peanuts.) We have since determined (after repeat skin tests and oral challenges) that he is NOT allergic. Obviously, we are very pleased and fortunate.

On Mar 8, 2003

My skin test showed I had an allergy to coconut.

Ten years later, I had a RAST done and it showed "0".

On Mar 9, 2003

HI My son tested 4+ in november to peanut - we had a rast done in January for approx 15 items - all came back negative. This thoroughly confused us so we went back and had another skin test - for peanut and 4 tree nuts - he tested 4+ for peanut and 2-3 on the tree nuts. We are assuming he is allergic and will retest before kindergarten - he is only 2 1/2 now.

He has never had a major reaction - he has only tried peanut butter on a square of waffle and broke out around his mouth.

Let me know what you end up finding out.

On Mar 9, 2003

My peanut allergic son had a skin test first, showing a response (after a few minor reactions to contact and ingestion). Then a blood test a few years later showing a strong positive level.

Seems like having skin test and blood test would give a better idea of whether there is a false negative or false positive on either test. Actually history of response to real exposure really helps when considered in light of test results. Regardless it is all quite unsettling and confusing to me. Particularly with the results just received for my son who is not allergic to peanuts, but possibly to some other foods...

I took my other son in for skin test to see if he was also allergic to peanuts - he has never had a reaction, but wanted to be sure. We do not allow any nuts or peanuts in our family diet. He was negative for peanut, but slight response to walnut and shellfish, and significant response to corn and mold, mega response to grass pollen.

The allergist interpretted this to mean that he was a little sensitive to walnut, shellfish, and corn. I am so confused on how someone can be a little allergic to nuts, when the reactions are so unpredictable...I also accessed some info on the web about corn allergies. The info was as scary as for peanut! However, my son has had food with corn products (corn starch,corn syrup, corn meal, corn flour, etc.) for 5 years with no clear reaction - hard to tell if stuffy noise is from pollen or low grade reaction to corn though. Very, very difficult to eliminate corn from the diet-it would be much more restrictive than just dealing with a peanut, nut allergy...