skin scratching??

Posted on: Mon, 08/21/2000 - 5:35am
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Hi (edited)!
I'm the mother of another of your kind! My son, Sam, has had dermagraphia since he was about 3 (he's 6 now). I had to laugh at your description of the doc's office... sounds similar to Sam's experience last spring. I took him to a new allergist. I told him that in the past he couldn't have scratch-tests because the last time the other allergist tried he got welts from the pen-lines they drew to prep him for the test. This allergist said he sees people with that type of skin all the time and he won't have a problem doing the test. WELL, the nurse drew the lines on his back, and put the drops on, then left the room for something before they started the pricks. While they were out, I noticed hives forming where the drops were - almost all of them. I told the med student (doc's son) and he said - oh no, that couldn't be, we didn't do the scratch yet. Then he looked, and said.. it was so funny... "Wow, I gotta go get my Dad to see this!". Soon there were 5 people gaping at his back. Needless to say, we never did finish the test, and the doctor had no explanation as to why he reacted to the drops.

Anyway, Sam takes Zyrtec nightly which helps but if he misses a night he wakes up and asks me to "itchy" his back. I sure hope this goes away, it must be very uncomfortable! The doctors have told me it could go away tomorrow or last years - is that what you've been told? Do you also have p.a.? And are you related to my son???? [img][/img]


Posted on: Wed, 08/23/2000 - 4:02am
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My son also has this, but I never knew what it is called. He is beet-red whenever he comes out of the shower, and his skin turns red wherever he scratches is. His cheek will stay red for a long time if his leans on his elbow with his hand on his cheek. He is also severely PA.

Posted on: Wed, 08/23/2000 - 6:35am
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I often call my son rashboy. He is like a chameleon. Everytime I look at him there's some new bizzare rash, bump, patch...I gave up taking him to the docs. they blame everyting on a virus due to daycare. sometimes where ever grass touches him he gets wiggly worm like welts. Sometimes if he's itching and i put on his steroid cream he gets these red bumpy patches that look like some kind of poisen ivy rash? most of the time he's got rought dry patches that are flesh tone. It seems that Zyrtec does help to some extent but he's just a bumpy, itchy, rashy kind of guy.

Posted on: Wed, 08/23/2000 - 9:50pm
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Hi ... I just wanted to add my son to the growing list of the itchy and scratchy! I wonder where he gets the strength to cope with all of his allergies/rashes. What a kid!
Have a great day.

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