Skin Prick Test Scores


I really feel the more I learn about PA, the less I know...;) DD's skin prick test was 25/60, which from what I understand, is HUGE....when I was talking to the Physician's Assistant in the allergist's office the other day, she was reviewing dd's chart and commented on how high the number was. She asked what kind of reaction dd had to peanuts and I explained to her that it was relatively mild, just some redness around her mouth and later itchy eyes/ears (where she had wiped the peanut butter). She was shocked...she said, "WOW, I would have imagined her reaction to be MUCH worse - so you're just another example of how we can't determine reaction severity from the numbers"....but she also said the higher the number the more which is it??? I just don't understand. Anyone have any more insight into how the scoring correlates to reactions?

On Jun 27, 2008

Oh boy. The information gets so tangled, doesn't it? Sure feels like there should be an easy answer when you're dealing with numbers. I'm *such* a numbers gal too. My allergist fought me against RAST for several years--wanted spt only for my DS. Reason? He strongly believes that the PA is either on or off. Kinda like be being pregnant--you either are or you're not--there's no "just a little bit." The reaction your DD had the first time is no indicator of the severity of her reaction the next time....could be the same, milder, or more severe. This is the reason we don't attach ourselves to the numbers---even though it's soooo hard when you're a numbers gal.

Here's a quote from FAAN from their Food Allergy Testing Info: [b]Do the test results indicate the level of severity of a reaction?[/b] Neither the size of the skin test reaction nor the level of specific IgE antibody in the blood test necessarily correlates with the type or severity of symptoms. Consider an allergy evaluation with a

On Jun 27, 2008

Thanks so much, Jen! At least now I don't feel like I'm the only one going crazy. I have a good friend who's 3 1/2 ds just tested positive for peanuts. She made a good point as to why we get so frustrated with the docs....because we're highly educated and proactive. There are a number of parents who only half-listen to what the docs say and then never do any research on their own. Our frustration stems from the fact that we listen to EVERYTHING the doc says just to find out that three other sources have conflicting information LOL!!!