Skin prick test for peanut allergy


I would like to get all infor for this test,and personal exp., welt size,#,reactions,word of advice,IMHO,IMPO.[b]anything please!![/b]

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On Jun 25, 2004

you talk about comfy zones... and how mine is REAL lax...

However, this aint in my comfy zone [img][/img]

Not even in the same zip code...

Given family history, and the rast (though most nuts have yet to be introduced to Caitlin, damn those pistaccios) being + to most, I wouldnt look to the SPT for nya consolation, kwim?

When the rast says '0', THEN I think about SPT, but really... at that point... She'd be over 21 and already know that shes still allergic to peanuts [img][/img]

I'm no help on this... But that small protein going into the skin, well, that just seems like bad news to me...


On Jun 25, 2004


Thank you for your reply,I have a lot to learn on this SPT in a short period of time!!!!!!!

Anybody else,[b]please![/b] Love this site Synthia

On Jun 25, 2004

In dd's case I found the SPT terribly innacurate. It seemed like a lot of discomfort (for dd) and inconvenience for nothing. The doc didn't test for any nuts (peanuts or TN) because of the severity of reactions that dd had already experienced. I just wouldn't want to risk having a reaction. JMPO :-)

On Jun 25, 2004

synthia I go with Jason on this one. Our allergist said no way would he do a skin test on ds for food allergies bc its too dangerous given his reactions and rast test scores. I agree with him and will not get one done. I am going to request another blood test bc it has been 4 years since his last one. Just want to see what the egg allergy is doing. It was a class 5 four years ago.

Now we did get a skin test for enviro allergies. If that will help I will explain. Just let me know ok [img][/img]

------------------ Have A Great Day

On Jun 25, 2004

Scared Nutless,ALLERGYMOM

Thank you very much for your replys.

The minute I found out that the doc's wanted to skin prick dd,I begin to panic,cold sweat, stomach ache,and so on.

It will be delutated to 1/1million. They are ready incase she goes in to anaphylic shock,I am still shaking.

I am going to leave the board till mon.night will ck back then,I [b] have to get a grip on this[/b]Sorry for the spelling erors,I got to go!

[b]God ,give me strengh to get thur this,and send dd a angel,please!![/b] I going to cry.

Thank you everyone!!!!!!!! Talk soon Love this site Synthia

On Jun 25, 2004

Is this SPT happenning today? (Friday?)

Goodness! Good luck!!


On Jun 25, 2004

Hi Synthia,

I have had at least 2 skin tests for peanut (many years ago). In addition to peanut, I was also tested for tree and grass pollen, tree nuts, etc.

The peanut scratch test was fine... it was just a little scratch on my skin and he put a drop of the peanut serum on it.. he watched closely.. once he saw the redness appearing, he wiped off the serum.

I had a small red reaction at the site, but nothing bad (like a small mosquito bite? but not itchy at all for me).

So my experience was not bad. I haven't had any skin tests lately as there is no point, as I know I am allergic to peanuts. My memory may not be that great, but I believe my two skin tests weere at the age of about 12 and 20.

Good luck.. I think everything should go fine and I hope hearing it went find for me helps to re-assure you. [img][/img]

edited to add:

why did I have the skin tests? well, I had never been officially tested for peanuts so it was good to see if I was still allergic as maybe I had outgrown it

in my mid 20s I knew I definitely had not outgrown it as a new restaurant chain called Montanas opened up and everyone in the bar ate peanuts and I had airborne reactions in the dining room (Montanas no longer serves peanuts in the bar)

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On Jun 25, 2004

Synthia~ we found out about my dd's PA when she was 17mo (she's now 23mo) the hard way....the trip to the ER.....the whole ana-reaction. We did have the scratch test done on her and although it was nerve racking so is most everything about the PA. We choose not to have the RAST testing done because of how unreliable (in my opinion & the allergist) the results can be. I hope emotionally you are able to handle the test and get some answers. Let us know how it goes!


On Jun 25, 2004

Adam was at the allergist on Tuesday--a new allergist as our previous one has been ill and not seeing patients. The "new" allergist is, I believe, well respected with regard to PA in the Toronto area (as was the previous).

Both allergists perform SPT first. Their rationale is either allergic or not, a positive SPT means allergic, no real need to do the immunocap. They would proceed to immunocap testing only if the SPT was borderline positive, or to monitor levels over time. Adam had an immunocap done last year--11.2. As this SPT was positive, he will not have an immunocap until next year.

As with Erik, both cleaned the site of the SPT with alcohol to slow down/stop the reaction from continuing. A cortisone type cream was applied immediately after. Adam became very itchy immediately at the test site. There were no other side effects.

Both allergists were similar in their approach to testing for the allergy.

Adam is 8 1/2 years old, diagnosed at 10 months (vomitting, hives)when he had a piece of crust from toast that had PB on it--a piece that I had made "sure" had no PB on it.

He has had no anaphylactic reactions since that time, although a few instances of hives.

On Jun 29, 2004

jtolpin,Is this SPT happenning today? (Friday?)[b] No[/b] I well let everyone know how she did after the test.

erik,Mom2Sariah,Adam's Mom,

Thank you very much for your replys.

After taking a [b]break[/b] and banging head against the wall [img][/img] I have a huge [b] grip[/b] on this issue!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your support! Love this site Synthia

On Jul 1, 2004

When our DD was tested for peanuts after an anaphylactic reaction, they put a little scrape or a prick on her arm and put a little dab of peanut butter on there. When they wiped the p.b. off, they said she was definately allergic to peanuts. It didn't hurt, it didn't take long, and it wasn't any more uncomfortable than any other allergy test. She never had RAST testing or other types of allergy testing other than the SPT.

Good luck!

------------------ Liz, mom to:

B: asthma, bee sting allergy, mild EA's and eczema

M: asthma, peanut & nut, severe EA's and mod eczema

A: asthma, peanut, nut, fish, penicillin, severe EA's and eczema

On Jul 1, 2004

Most of you have already heard about my ds's experience with allergy testing, but I am always willing to tell it again to help others.

I believe it was when ds was 3 that we first had him SPT. He had many reactions prior to this due to our stupidity re: allergies. Each one consisted of him coughing, grabbing his throat, screaming that it hurts...ect. Each reactions increased in severity also. However, it wasn't until we started Awanas at a new church, when I met a lady whose daughter was anaphylactic to milk, insisted that I have him tested. About one week later he reacted anaphylactically to cashews. I contacted the allergist...VERY long wait! That kind woman, whom I am still close friends, canceled her daughters appointment the next week so I could use that slot to take my son.

My ds tested positive to peanuts, cashews, pistachios, & dust mites (of course). His peanut & cashew welt was 17mm. It was as round as an orange...maybe bigger. He ran around that office screaming, "IT ITCHES." They did wipe off the serum after about 10 minutes. They then put on an anti-itch cream and that seemed to help relieve his discomfort.

The next appointment he was SPT again. This time it showed allergies to peanuts, pistachios, dust mites, and possibly almond. I was truly shocked about the cashews because that is what he suffered his most severe reaction to. Unfortunately, he experience a reaction to the test. His started coughing, telling me his throat itched, and he even had diarrhea. They administered medication and watched him for 40 minutes.

About a year and half later he was CAP-RAST tested. When the allergist called with the results I was even more confused. He tested negative to peanuts (NEGATIVE!!), positive to pistachios and CASHEWS. I was totally dumbfounded why it would be negative on the SPT but positive on the CAP. They wanted to give ds a food challenge for peanuts.

Hmmm...okay, I was alright with that. My ds refused to go through with it for a long time. Finally, I explained to him if he was no longer allergic he didn't HAVE to eat peanuts, but he could enjoy M&M's, ice cream, and cookies that were not safe. I also told them that these allergists had medical degrees, they would be able to recognize a reaction immediately, and could administer medicine if needed.

During the food challenge they put a dab on his arm...fine. Then they placed a pin size dab on his tongue...fine. He began to freak out and wanted to drink lots of water. The allergists said that was fine, it would help to get the pb down his throat. They even told him not to worry, he could not be allergic anymore...this challenge was to show his parents that it was safe for us to feed him pb. Then they put about a dime size on his tongue and wanted him to swallow...OH! you would have thought they asked him to swallow poison (I know pb is to these kids.) He spit it out and kept gagging and screaming. So I gave him a cup of water. My dh left to go to store and pick up some pb candy. But, not even 10 sec. after he left, ds started developing hives. They appeared all on his face, arm, and upper body. The allergists didn't want to stop the challenge. Once his entire body started turning a bright beet red they decided they needed to stop. They did administer medicine right before my husband came walking in with forbidden candy. We had to stay for an additional hour for them to monitor his vitals.

I could write a lot more on our experiences, but you can tell it would require a lot more time! Basically, I will NEVER allow him to be SPT again. I will also NEVER allow a food challenge unless he has 3 consecutive CAP-RASTS that show negative results. But, I doubt that my ds will ever allow a food challenge again. They blew it with my little boy when they stated that he can't react because he is not allergic anymore. He absolutely distrusts them.

On Jul 3, 2004


Thank you very much for your replys Love this site Synthia

On Jul 22, 2004

OK,deep breath mom.

We will [b]never again[/b] have Little V (SPT) for [b]peanut/or tree nuts[/b]

Test all so came back stating she has allergies to Chicken,turkey,pork,cod,apples,bannans,oranges,strawberrys,grapes,still milk(no change)but also tested for casein,choclate the #'s went up,and wheat.

I must addment dd's egg allergy is gone from a 3 to a 0 and her soy as well I am very thankfull for that,however I am sooooooo upset that dd's list of food allergies has grown,I need to take a break.

Love this site Synthia

On Jul 22, 2004

We've been to two different allergists (and there are only 4 in the city) and they both SPT first. Only if the SPT is negative do they take it to a CAP RAST.


P.S. I live in Canada, if this makes a difference.

On Jul 22, 2004

Synthia ~

Remember, up to 50% of positive skin tests are false positives... We only use SPT results as a STARTING point. We then RAST test for all the positive SPTs. Then we look at the ones that were positive on both tests and begin looking for clinical reactions to any of those things. Any that we don't see clinical reactions to, we eliminate for two weeks and reintroduce one at a time looking for reactions. If still no reaction, we do not consider DS allergic. The combines SPT and RAST tests have really helped us narrow down DS's true allergies!

Good luck! Rebekah

On Jul 22, 2004

My daughter was first skin prick tested for peanuts at 18 months old. (She loved the test...she giggled and asked for more) She had a horrible reaction. In a couple of minutes a large welt appeared that grew to be the size of her arm. She sucked her thumb and pressed her forarm against her bicep and the welt spread there too. The doctor immediately washed it off put a special cream and gave her an anti-histamine. She then watched her for awhile.

For Lara's second round of tests at age 3 the doctor felt it was too dangerous to expose her to the skin prick test. They did the CAP RAST instead and it was positive for many other things.

My younger son will have to be tested for allergies too so it will be interesting to see which test she uses on him.

That's our experience.


On Jul 23, 2004

My daughter's first two SPTs showed 4+ which the doc said was very high. Her last one showed zip, nada, at 15 minutes and barely a two at 30 minutes - well outside the time it should've taken. HOWEVER, at the same time her RAST went from a 5 to a 6. In other words, though her SPT showed less of rxn if you could even call it a rxn, her RAST shows she is the highest possible in PA sensitivity. I'm not too confident about EITHER test, to be honest. However, taken together, I'd say she's allergic; likely very allergic. She has never had an anaphylactic rxn. She is 4.

On Jul 24, 2004

DD has proven anaphylaxis to peanut-at age 4 almost died, had to get five shots of epinephrine. We agreed to have her participate in a research study for Dr. Wood at Hopkins at age 7. The study included skin tests to tree nuts and peanut. Dr. Wood did not think this would endanger her despite her known peanut anaphylaxis. She did fine with markedly positive skin tests to everything and some discomfort of her arm for about 24 hours. It was no big deal.

On Jul 24, 2004

DS had a skin test at the pediatric allergist (at our local childrens hospital) a couple of years ago, I was scared, but they insisted that they would never do it if they thought it was dangerous.

The skin was not pricked or punctured in any way but he did have a welt about 1/2 and inch for PN, along with his many other reactions. They just used a very blunt instrument to press the allergen onto the skin.

On Jul 24, 2004

Thank you everyone for your replys!

The PA test came back 4+,the dilution was 1/1,000,000. The welt size was 1 1/2 inches scared the beegeeberrs out of me not to mention Little V. She screamed soooo bad and said she wanted the Epi-Trainer,I know what she ment and she said it twice,She screamened bloody murder and cryied it itched.Her back started turning red when the nurse wiped it off and we applied benadryl cream a whole lot of cream and gaver her Zyrtec.

There was two bells that went off I'll have to talk to the nurse to get the time frame.

I will be speaking with the doctor soon on these tests she went thur. I do so worry for this child.

Love this site Synthia

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