Singulair use for young ones


Hi-My DS just turned 3 (p/nut, t/nut, egg, sesame and dust mites). Saw his allergist today and because of his newly diagnosed asthma and rhinitis, suggested we use singulair and zyrtec daily. We have been using Zyrtec about 6x/month usually. I've heard good things about singulair, but I'm worried as he is only 3, and is also on Prevacid for reflux. I figured I would try it for a month or two-Singulair, Zyrtec and Prevacid (his poor liver). We are moving to Florida in the near future, so his allergies may improve (or not). I'm leary of all new meds now because of the Elidel & Protopic warning (he's also used them alot). Thanks.

On Apr 4, 2005

Lauren's been on singulair for quite some time after numerous hospital stays for her asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. When she is off, she has problems. MDs say better to be on it than off and risk scarring.

[b]I'm leary of all new meds now because of the Elidel & Protopic warning (he's also used them alot). [/b]

What are these and why are you concerned? (Oh...I just hate medicine!)

On Apr 5, 2005

My DD (who is 4) has been on singulair for 6 months. It has worked wonders for her. Typically she couldn't even run around the backyard without wheezing before going on it. (Her asthma is exercise induced and she is also very allergic to dust mites and grass)

She does take zyrtec too but only when her allergies are really acting up.


On Apr 5, 2005

My son has been taking singulair since he was 3 and is now 7. It has worked well for him. The zyreck causes him to be hyper and his normally sweet personality goes sour. So, we use allegra which seems to work the best for him. It is a small pill that needs to be swallowed, which we have mastered.

As far as the antihistimines, I am under the impression that in order for them to work properly, they need to be started a couple of weeks before allergy season and continued until the pollen or what ever the allergen is goes away in order to work properly. Not helpful to give a dose after the fact.

I too, worry sometimes about giving daily meds., but i suppose it is necessary to keep him from having asthma attacks.

On Apr 5, 2005

My son will be 3 soon and has been taking Singulair for about 9 months now. It works great. He has a lot of seasonal allergies as well and we are starting him on Claritan this week in anticipation of Spring.

On Apr 5, 2005

Both of my asthmatic boys have taken Singulair. My youngest son started taking it when he was three. He also took it with Zrytec. Both of the boys have asthma and environmental allergies. Youngest is also allergic to Peanuts & Soy. Both had been getting allergy shots until this past September. We are going to try this allergic season without shots. . I do not like medicine either and my kids absolutely hate it but I find it to be a necessary evil. That is the reason why I am "letting" them try this allergy season without shots. My oldest had been on allergy shots for 8 years (4 years on shots, off 2 years, and then back on shots for 4 years) and on asthma medicine since he was 6. He is now 13 and at the moment, is not taking any asthma medicine. I guess, I need to call their Doctor and get them back on their allergy meds.

On Apr 5, 2005

My DD is not as young (12), but has been taking Singulair for 1+ years now. Her overall health has improved. She often had respiratory problems during her younger years and every time she got a cold, it would move into her chest. Her allergies, respiratory problems, and mild asthma have been much better since she began taking it. She takes it daily and adds an antihistamine as needed.

On Apr 5, 2005

My 4-year old daughter has been taking singulair and zyrtec daily since she was 3-yrs old and it has worked wonders. She has a dairy allergy/some environmental allergies and asthma. I didn't feel comfortable giving her medications on a daily basis but I've found on the days that she has missed a dose, she was miserable (allergy cough, wheezing). Hope this helps....Good luck.

On Apr 6, 2005

Hi LaurensMom,

Elidel and Protopic are creams/ointments for eczema. The FDA issued a warning about some complaints of skin cancers/lymphoma associated with its use. However, the allergist says don't be afraid to use it, but prior to the FDA investigation, we were being told to use it prophylactlly for itching. Now it's just to use "prn" (as needed). DS has been using it for about 1.5 years now. Another worry!

On Apr 6, 2005

Oh My Gosh! I have not heard that about Elidel. I have several tubes of that medicine in my house. My oldest gets a severe rash at the beginning of the allergy season that will last almost all summer. The rash has already started. Are the warnings saying that they can cause skin cancer or not for patients who have had skin cancer? My son even puts Elidel on his face because he has eczema. Thanks in advance for any information! [img][/img]

On Apr 6, 2005

Hi NutlessMOM, I first heard about it from a FAAN alert that linked one to the FDA's website to the alert. The reports were from a very small number of people, and there was no absolute causality established. I think I read further that the cases of skin cancer/lymphoma occurred within anywhere from 5 to 300 something days after using it. I was leery about it from the beginning, because I do read all the package inserts and it mentioned it did cause lymphoma in (I think) rats or mice. The commercials on TV even say the exact mechanism of action is unknown. Our pediatrician told us he doesn't even know what to say to people, but maybe only use it for severe outbreaks, and try hydrocortisone first. Just shows how uncertain everything is in this world.