Singulair & Claritin


Hello All, We recently went to a new allergist and he prescribed claritin redi tabs & singulair AND benedryl at the onset of a reaction. Epi to follow if needed. Unfortunately only a week later we had to try this and these meds really worked well. Usually after a reaction my son is pale and listless for a few days, but this time he was fine in a few hours. We don't know what caused the reaction. We had company the day before and someone probably brought something in somehow. (He is allergic to peanuts by touch/inhaling.)

On May 12, 1999

HI Donna! I'm glad to hear the combo worked! I was a little confused though... I have taken singulair for about 18 months along with the regular claritin. I, too, have had excellent success with these medications. My lung specialist indicated however that it would take a good two to four weeks to get the proper dose of the singulair in my system to work as it was intended to do so. I found this to be true, as I noticed a definite change at about two weeks.

Is your child taking these medications all of the time as a preventative?

As a 13 year asthmatic I have tried them all! Singulair (according the specialist) only works for a certain category of allergic people - thank goodness I fell into that category.

The improvement your child felt may have come from the clartin (which I believe works immediately) and maybe next time (hopefuuly there won't be one)if taking the singulair everyday the reaction will be decreased next time.

The great thing about singulair is that studies have shown that the side effects are the same as water. I find it is easier to take then an other med I have taken!

I don't know if this info will help or not. I certainly am not a doctor! Good luck and take care!

------------------ Kelly M Another Mom in Michigan

On May 12, 1999

Hi Kelly, He's only supposed to take it when he has a reaction, but he does not have asthma so maybe that's the difference. I will ask my dr. Thanks Donna