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Silo\'s Steakhouse, Merrimack, NH

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I have been visiting this board as a reader for about 2 years now and this is my first post. My 4 year old son has allergies to Peanuts, Tree Nuts and eggs and tonight I called this establishment to inquire about takeout, specifically the prime rib on the kids menu. I was told by the manager that she wouldn't feel safe due to the number of things cooked on the grill and the au jus sauce etc. I said are you specifically talking about the prime rib or anything on your menu. She answered me "anything on the menu". I then asked "do you mean to tell me if someone walked into your restaurant with food allergies you would not serve them?". She responded "That's right".

I was very upset by this response and hung up the phone. When my husband called back to speak to her she proceeded to yell at him on the phone also claiming she never said they couldn't accomodate food allergies. When he said "o.k. I'd like to place a takeout order for my son what can he have?" She responded "I don't know" and obviously refused to check with the kitchen. He called back to the OWNER of the restaurant and without giving my husband a chance to explain what had transpired she said "I do not appreciate what you did to my manager tonight and do not come here ever again". She then hung up the phone.

I can handle my son's allergies and the fact they decided to not accomodate him is fine and their problem. However, even if he didn't have allergies the unprofessionalism displayed by the manager and the owner was unexcusable. I don't think I would ever go to Silo's in Merrimack NH and I don't think I would feel safe bringing my son there.

Sorry for the long post but I needed to vent! On a lighter note we head to Disney in Florida on Thursday were I know we will be treated with the utmost respect in all of their restaurants!

LisaD Mom of Aidan, age 4 allergies to Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Eggs Brenna age 2, No known allergies at this time.

On Nov 30, 2007

It can be frustrating sometimes, glad you wrote about it. We started this website after a restaurant politely told us that they were too busy to deal with us, as it was lunchtime. We felt we had to do something to make the world better and safer.

By 2greyhound on Sep 4, 2011

WE had considered eating at Silo's tonight, but after reading your comment, we will stay clear of them. thank you for taking the time to share your experience