Side Effects of Advair?


Is anyone else on Advair for asthma? I was on it previously and now am back on it. It seems that when I'm using Advair, I easily break small blood vessels in my hands. Using a hammer - picking up something heavy and hard edged - and I get a painful burst vessel. Is this coincidence or does someone else have the same problem?

On Apr 12, 2005

I am on advair.... However,I don't have any side effects from it. How often do you take it? Maybe it you are taking it more than I do, that could be a reason for the side effects. I would ask your pharmacist or doctor. They would know best!

On Apr 12, 2005

A few years ago I used to take Advair. I was fine until I got the strong doses. I would start out with hives, then develop an asthma attack, and then in turned into anaphylaxis. One of the ingredients in Advair is lecithin. Lecithin is a peanut/soy oil based. It can also be found in Nitroglycerin, Atrovent, Maxair, and Atropine to name a few. I would contact your doctor as soon as possible and add Advair to the list of medications you can't take to prevent any further reactions.

On Apr 12, 2005

Peanut lecithin in Advair? Wow. Will check with the doc on that! Thanks for the head ups!

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On Apr 12, 2005

Adele, lets be really sure about this first, let me check some sources. peg

On Apr 12, 2005

Thank you Peg!

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On Apr 12, 2005

I did not see anyhing in the Advair literature that mentioned peanut or soy lechitin. Advair does contan lactose which is a milk sugar and will contain milk protein but no PEANUT in my literature.

If anyone is using Advair and has further questions you can safely ask your pharmacist or physician. I just scanned the info.


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On Apr 13, 2005

Thanks to everyone for your input. Will check with the pharmacist.

On Apr 13, 2005


I have been using Advair since it first came out (i was in the original clinical trial of combining serrevent and flovent). My egg allergic son and pa daughter also use it.

The detailed ingredients on my advair do not list lecithin and only lactose - so the problem is for a dairy allergy - not a peanut allergy.

I have not had any side effects from Advair specifically but after about 30 years of oral steroid use I do now have some decalcification of my teeth that has to be fixed.

good luck!


On Apr 14, 2005

My mom uses Advair, and when she is on higher doses of it, she experiences hoarseness. After a few days on a lower dose, it goes away.

The blood vessel thing sounds like it could be dangerous - better consult your MD!


On Apr 16, 2005

I started using this just this week. I have noticed my hands shaking a lot. Is that normal?

At least it's not blood vessels bursting. Ouch! I would DEFINATELY talk with my doctor about that!