I have read through alot of the threads and have noticed that alot of you with PA children have another child nonPA that is Ahsmatic! Is this just a coincidence? My eldest daughter 5 is PA and her sister who is 2 is ahsmatic. I'm not sure though about being PA she is going to be tested soon. I was just wondering if ther is any link to this situation? Well take care!! [img][/img]

On Nov 17, 2000

Well, my oldest dd age 11, not PA has had asthma since about age 2 and suffers from no food allergies at all. My middle dd age 5 had no asthma and no food allergies. Wade is 2 and has asthma and food allergies. I'm not sure if they are all related because I look at my middle daughter and she has nothing? Don't know if this helps.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Nov 17, 2000

Hi, there is some research into genetic links to this disease and the mapping the human genome project could shed more light. Apparently the tendency to food allergy, eczema and asthma are carried on the same gene. It is for this reason that after doing a family medical history when I was first thinking of becoming pregnant that my doctor recommended that I absolutely avoid nuts and peanuts while pregnant. I did so but still ended up with a son who is peanut and tree nut allergic and tends to asthma with upper respiratory infections.

On Nov 17, 2000

MomLyttle, I had started another thread, under Main Discussion about PA children that were also asthmatic or had other medical "conditions". I had read that if your PA child was asthmatic, an anaphylactic reaction was even more dangerous for them. And, from the response I got to that thread, it looks as though a lot of us have PA children that have asthma.

Now, my non-PA daughter, out of the two children, she is on a preventative medication for asthma (Flovent) based on one viral infection she had and a persistent night cough during that infection. Now, I'm not even clear if she really needs the preventative medication or not. She has no allergies whatsoever (well, she tested positive for milk, but this is a child that drinks milk like it's going out of style!).

It is my PA son that seems hardest hit with things. He has had two actual asthma attacks, he has ended up in the hospital due to dehydration from the stomach flu. He has environmental allergies that I control with Claritin. He is down to two inhalers, from three for his asthma.

Now, he is in school, so of course, he is the one that catches all of the colds first, but he always catches them and he always has them the longest. Again, it seems to be my PA son that is hit hardest health-wise.

What I've been attempting to figure out, through a few recent threads, is where PA falls into the mix in all of this. He's a picky eater and very slender for his age. And even after all of the wonderful responses I've had, I still can't figure it out.

I do know that he is very similar to me as far as allergies, etc. But, he is also built very much like his father. My daughter seems to be more like her father as far as allergies etc. and built like me. I'm not clear that PA plays a part in it at all, but I do know that it certainly opened up some interesting discussion. Picky eating was the only thing that seemed related, out of all of the "complaints" I have about my son, directly to PA. Otherwise, I'd have to say it was genetic in nature and what kid inherited what predisposition from one of two parents.

Also, please keep in mind that you don't know whether your younger daughter is PA or not. I am certainly not wishing that she is PA. But, you may actually have an asthmatic PA child like a lot of us do here. This, again, is a wonderful discussion thread, MomLyttle. I like thrashing these things around, and often times it seems like I'm trying to blame PA for this or that when I'm really simply trying to open what I hope may be interesting discussions. You've done that with this one. Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 17, 2000

My older non-PA son is asthmatic - no food allergies now, but he had a whole bunch which he outgrew by age 3. My PA son is also asthmatic. They have different triggers, though. They also both had wicked eczema when younger.

While nobody else has the big time anaphylaxis problem that my PA son has, we are an extremely allergic family - pollens, fruits, veggies, animals, etc., so I guess it comes as no surprise. [img][/img]

On Nov 19, 2000

I think there is definately a link with allergies. When I took my son to the allergist and was filling out the family history survey it hit me that we have alot of allergenic people in our family from hayfever, asthma to penicillin allergies and PA. This is including sisters bothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Out of 19 family members 8 are allergic to penicillin and 3 are PA. 9 are asthmatic.