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Please forgive me for opening a new thread to what has probably already been discussed elsewhere. I'm a single mom and always have been. Now I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man and things are getting serious. I'm starting to think about marriage and having more children and I realized how many people my son's PA allergy will affect! My other children will not be allowed to eat peanut products (if i ever have other children). When my son grows up and gets married and has kids (another if of course) his children will not be allowed to eat peanut products. Anyway my imagination started going along this line and I was just amazed....

On Apr 21, 2000

Congratulations, DavisGal!! I was already pregnant with my second (now nearly 7 months) when we found out our first (now 2) was PA. Someone (I think a pediatrician?) said it was a good thing I was already pregnant because otherwise I wouldn't have any other kids. As paranoid and overwhelmed as I sometimes get, I can't imagine that it would have stopped me from having other kids. We're taking it slow introducing solids to our second son and will be especially cautious with high allergens, including peanuts. We'll never have peanut products in the house and, at this point anyway, I hope our youngest won't eat peanut products until they are both much older and our oldest has a good handle on being responsible for his own allergy. It is amazing how many people this affects -- probably more so while he's young than when he's an adult. Hang in there!

On Apr 21, 2000

You have got to live. You cannot let this rule your life. Don't let this destroy the life you deserve to live. I have lived a normal life for 47 years. I am careful, but I have had a few attacks in my life because, of course, I ate something containing peanuts by mistake. As far as other family members not eating peanuts, I hope that is the worst thing they ever have to deal with. Go for it and enjoy! Andy


On Apr 21, 2000

I must admit that I am one of the Mom's who have said "no more" now that I know what I am dealing with. My food allergic daughter is allergic to peanuts, soy, all tree nuts, coconuts and peas and is lactose intollerant. She is also probably allergic to all legumes. She has asthma that is controlled by nebulixer 3 times daily, Singular and Zyrtec. We do have a second daughter who has no severe allergies to date (recently tested with RAST with mild reactions to dust shrimp and cats), except to penicillian.

Our daughter's allergist has informed me that I would have to avoid any food that my daughter is allergic to. We already do not have any offending foods in the house, but do occasionally do eat out and eat "non-safe" foods.

Her health issues take too much time and being pregnant would take alot of effort that for me it is not worth the time. I love my 2 daughters, but for our family 2 is enough.

On May 1, 2000

I need to live your life..control the allergy and don't let it control you. The kids need to learn how to live in the real world. The real world has peanuts. I allow peanut products in my house with specific guidelines as to where to eat it and washing hands. I also have to do this with any shellfish items. I have three kids, two of them with life threatening allergies. The thought of not having any more children never crossed my mind after my first had his first reaction at 9 months. With the second, I just never gave him peanut products..I had him tested for food allergies at 6 months and went from there. I was also careful to not eat any peanut products when pregnant. Please don't let it restrain your life, PA has not ruined my kids lives and it shouldn't interfere with your plans for a larger family.

------------------ I am a mom of two anaphalactic allergy PA boys and my daughter and myself also have allergies. You may e-mail me at: [email][/email]