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There was a discussion re:shrimp allergy on this board earlier. Our peanut allergic daughter had a reaction to shrimp @ age 5 at a local restaurant. She ate some of my pasta that had shrimp on it. She said she "felt funny", had swollen lips, blotchy skin, nausea & vomitting. I believe we gave her benadryl & went to the nearest emergency room, about 10 minutes away. My wife had the epi-pen ready in the back seat, & my 3yr. old got to ride upfront. The ER gave her another dose of benadryl & watched her for a while......About 2 yrs. later we went into a seafood restaurant that was boiling large quantities of shrimp. By the time we were seated my daughter had itchy eyes,cough, & said she didn't feel well. We left and got some fresh air, headed in the direction of the nearest hospital, & she was OK after leaving that environment. As far as we know, these were the only two exposures to shrimp for her. We certainly have become believers in airborne reactions to shrimp& peanuts after are experiences.

On Mar 3, 1999

Terry Since your daughter has an airborne allergy to shrimp, perhaps you should air on the side of caution for a peanutbutter airborne allergy. Take care, and stay safe

On Mar 3, 1999

I had also began noticing severe reactions to shrimp after being allergic to nuts. I have never had an airborne reaction, but am being cautios. Good luck, stay safe.


On Mar 10, 1999

I'm allergic to shrimp and all shellfish. Just a few pointers for a shellfish allergic child -

1. NEVER EAT FRIED FOODS if you don't know what has been in the oil previously. The allergenic proteins from shrimp can be transferred to things like french fries or buffalo wings that have gone into the same oil as shellfish. I GUARANTEE you that 99.9% of restaurants you go to fry ALL foods in the same oil. FRIED FOOD OUTSIDE OF HOME SHOULD BE A NO-NO! I once had a nasty reaction to a potatoe pancake that was cooked in the same oil as shellfish. I haven't made that mistake again. Also, be especially careful of grilled foods, and if peanuts are a problem, you probably already avoid Oriental places (nothing is suitable there for the peanut allergic, or the shellfish allergic). Good luck.

On Mar 11, 1999

Dear Laura P, Thanks for the timely tip. We went out to dinner tonight at a local seafood restaurant. Last time we went there I asked the waitress if the chicken nuggets and fries, which my son always gets, were fried in the same oil as the seafood. She told me no. My son isn't allergic to seafood that we know of but since he is under 3 we were trying to avoid exposure. Tonight we went back and I noticed that there was almond fried shrimp on the menu (again trying to avoid almond as a precaution) so I asked again if everything was fried together. That waitress said yes! I am so frustrated that my answer wasn't answered correctly the first time. I also feel that they should at least put a warning on the menu about the possibility of things being contaminated with almonds. Half the reason I am so upset is because it seemed like the waitress was diligent in that she showed us the ingredients of the nuggets and the BBQ sauce so I thought I could trust her. Now I know why other parents often insist on talking to the manager or chef directly.

------------------ Valerie