Should the nutrigrain concern be reported to FAN?

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I was just thinking it might be smart to have the problems with nutrigrain reported to FAN. Maybe a phone call from them to Kelloggs (I think Nutrigrain is Kelloggs) might nudge them to look a little further into this and heighten their food allergy awareness. Does Kelloggs check to see if there is cross-contamination of the ingredients they purchase from outside their company? Is there a possibility that a genetically-altered product was used? I read an article recently about a soybean that was injected with a Brazil nut gene and it acquired the allergenic properties of the nut. I think the soybean was pulled off the market. But the FDA is not really monitoring safety of these genetically engineered foods. I'm not sure this has anything to do with it. But I think two different incidents of reactions to the nutrigrain bars requires some real investigation on part of Kelloggs.