should i get an epipen?


DD is 19 mo. She was skin tested for allergies at 1, and tested positive to milk, egg, and peanut. We had her tested becuase she was having eczema as a reaction to my breastmilk, and *might* have been having bloody stools as well. When I quit eating milk and egg, her problems went away (I had never been eating peanuts because I knew she had allergies so I'm not sure what would happen if she had peanuts. Her skin test was a minor reaction to peanuts).

The only reaction that we know she has had is the eczema. No doctor has ever prescribed an epipen for her. Should we be carrying one around to be safe? Does a peanut (or other) allergy ever turn from eczema to anaphylactic? It's so confusing. I want to be safe but not overly paranoid, KWIM?

Thanks, Kim

On Dec 29, 2005

I am sure you will get responses from plenty of others who know more than me (I am pretty new at PA), but from what my allergist told us, PA is very volatile and reactions are completely unpredictable. I have my DS Epipen on us at all times. I would defintely get several.

On Dec 29, 2005

It's hard to predict what her reaction would be to a more significant exposure. She would have been getting only small amounts of the allergens through breastmilk.

I think you should definitely ask your doctor for a prescription for an Epipen Jr twin pack (comes with 2 epipens and a trainer), just to be on the safe side! The older she gets, the more things she will get into and the more foods she will be exposed to. The peanut allergy is certainly a concern, but it is possible to have an anaphylactic reaction to milk or eggs as well.


On Dec 29, 2005

Absolutely. My daughter had hives with the second exposure to eggs and a full anaphylactic response the third time. Had I not used an epipen, I'm not sure of the outcome. With any food allergies, regardless of how minor, always have a safety kit which would include benedryl, orapred, and 2 epi-pens. Your doctor can better explain how to use these. Many times one epipen will do the trick, however, after 15 minutes, a second dose may be necessary.

On Dec 29, 2005

Yes!!!!get an Epi-pen and take it w/ you wherever your child goes. My 7 yo daughter also is PA and has eczema. You may want to consider having your child seen by a dermatologist as well. good luck!

On Dec 29, 2005

I'd defintely get the epi's. I , too am new to TNA, MFA's, but just having them on hand for my children is a HUGE comfort....I will be able to save their lives if need be, you just never know with food allergies.

Jill Kelsey, 5 TNA Mark, 17 mo, EA , MA

On Dec 29, 2005


Originally posted by dgood: [B]With any food allergies, regardless of how minor, always have a safety kit which would include benedryl, orapred, and 2 epi-pens./B]

What is orapred?

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On Dec 30, 2005

Definitely get an Epipen! My DD reacted to milk, peanuts and tree nuts through my breastmilk. The ped told me that since she reacted to such a small quantity, she would probably have a severe reaction to any direct ingestion.

When she was 16 months old, her 4 year old brother gave her a banana, but he had been eating pb and had the residue on his hands. Within minutes, she had a grade 4 respiratory reaction (hoarse cry, refracting, turned blue around the lips etc) and some mild skin reactions (red swollen face, lips swelled, upper lip split ) etc.

Only her Epis saved her. We live 25 miles from the nearest ambulance or hospital.


On Dec 30, 2005


Originally posted by Mookie86: [b] What is orapred?


Oral prednisone?

On Dec 30, 2005

I agree with the others, be safe and get the epipen.


On Dec 30, 2005

I agree get the Epi-Pen. Why chance it.


On Dec 30, 2005

My grandson is allergic to nuts, dairy, eggs, and soy, so I have an epipen at my house just in case. Even though I've reviewed how to use it, I wonder if I'd do it correctly in an emergency. I could use some reassurance from anyone who'se had to use one. Thanks.

On Dec 30, 2005

I doubt you will find anyone on this board who would say nah...dont bother. Having an epi pen doesnt make you paranoid, it keeps your child safe, just in case.

Get one, get several.

We keep 2 at home and 2 at school I just called in to refill. They expire. When you get it filled, call around to the pharmacy and find the latest exp date. I have never had to use one and hope I never do. Not to give you false hope, but from your description with avoidance it sounds like one of those that *might* grow out of it.

On Dec 30, 2005

if it is prednisone I would only use it if it is a matter of life or death. That is not a drug to be taken lightly because of the side effects that either doctors are not fully aware of or they just don't understand. DH has had two hip replacements because of prednisone, unfortunately he needed it when he was younger as a matter of life or death, but if given the choice don't use it...just my opinion of course

On Dec 31, 2005

I would get a set or three. [img][/img] We have several sets (the epi jr with the two pens). One in the car (or in a backpack by the back door when temps are not ideal), one in the cabinet for the babysitters, one at each grandparent's house, and 2 sets at school (one in the class room and one in the nurses office). We put the expiration dates on the calendar. Definitely call around to find ones with the latest date. It sounds like alot, but it makes life simpler for us. Between 3 kids and work, anything to make life easier!

Sandy, Don't be afraid of the epi pen. I used an expired one on a just ripe tomato, and it did not take much to get it to inject. My husband was surprised, and I think if he'd done it it would have smashed the poor thing. Just remember to hold it in for 10 seconds to let all the medicine come out. Also, always, IMHO, give it if you think the child needs it. The worst that can happen (barring unforseen heart conditions, etc) is a fast heart rate and anxiety feeling that will fade in 15 minutes. I think it would alot like the feeling we've probably all had right after a very near miss of a car accident - that jittery, heart-racing, cold sweat sort of feeling that eventually passes.

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On Jan 1, 2006

That is all my son has had, the bloody diarrhea as an infant, and ecezma and our dr prescribed two, adn said to always carry two. This is something to remeber, I am bad, I keep one at home a nd one in the diaper bag, I need to order another set, adn keep two at home and two in the diaper bag. Therese