Should I do this soy challenge test in allergist office?


Hi everyone. Today we went to the allergist to have our yearly visit for our Pa,Tn,shrimp,soy,pea allergic son and he wants to do a soy challenge on Monday. We were never aware of his soy allergy till about 5 months ago when they did a blood rast test and found it. It came back a 2 and we were told to stop all soy items, soy lecticin and anything with any kind of soybean oil also. This has been harder to do than peanut.. No more store bought bread or candy from Vermont free or any ice cream from Philly Swirl.etc.. He now wants him to drink a pure soy milk product in the office and watch for 1 hour to see any reaction. He said it is very unlikely he will have a anaphalatic reaction but maybe a stomach or nasal response ,, I of course am scared to do this but also feel he always ate all those products before with maybe I noticed what I thought was sinus once in while , could now have been a sensitivity to it.. Please help me decide on this .. What would you do?? thanks so much.. Kathy Ann

On Sep 13, 2004

KATHYANN, does your child have to have a severe or anaphylactic reaction for the allergist to consider him allergic? And if the reaction is lesser, say affecting his sinuses or something, it's an intolerance?

I'm sorry, I don't know anything about soy allergies, except that they are on the increase and a lot of PA children do develop them (I'm not clear of the percentage, it would be somewhere on the board here).

I guess I'm asking, what is the allergist hoping to prove by doing the challenge?

If your son is intolerant rather than allergic, is that able to change your eating style at all?

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On Sep 13, 2004

Kathyann, I can not speak from experience on this. I can say I would not do a challenge on an allergen, unless my child tested negative on more than one Rast several months apart. Having said that. Since your child has not had an anaphylactic reaction to Soy, I don't see what harm it could do. If you do decide to challenge, please let us know how it turned out.


On Sep 13, 2004

I would do it. Since he had been eating soy before it seems so unlikely that he would have a severe reaction. If he did, he would be under medical care.

It would certainly make your life much easier if you didn't have to avoid soy.

Also, my understanding (from FAAN) is that soybean oil and soy lecithin are ususally O.K. for soy allergic people.

Good luck!

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On Sep 13, 2004

I think I would probably do it if he's eaten it in the past without trouble. My ds loves eggs and eats them all the time without any trouble. One of the foods he actually can eat without any trouble, then his rast came back showing a moderate allergy to be egg whites (I think it was whites). His next rast results should be on the way, so I will see what that says. I would never take him off eggs unless he had some sort of reaction.


On Sep 14, 2004

Kathyann, we recently had our son retested with a blood test, and lots of "little" things showed up which he has never had a problem with. Our allergist was of the opinion that if he has been eating these things without problem, there was no reason to stop. Also, he has always been allergic to soy, but our doctor told us that soybean oil and soy lecithin were ok, and he eats foods with those ingredients daily with no problem. We were told to avoid things like soy milk and tofu. I'm sure if my son drank pure soy milk he would react, but as I said he has no problem with the oil and lecithin.

On Sep 14, 2004

I would definitly do it. My son was a 3+ on soy, but had not reacted to it so we kept it in his diet and he has never had problems with it. My allergist said that many kids with PA test + to soy because it is a legume, but can tolerate it and are not really allergic to it. She said that there is a high false positve rate, so to allieveate your strict diet, I would go for it. We just passed our peanut challenge Friday so good luck! Alicia