Should I be insisting?


My sons classroom is nut free but not the school. He carries his own keyboard to and from computer class.He is in grade 3. Next year he will begin rotating from homeroom to various other classrooms for different subjects.My question is this, should I be insisting on a nut free school through out? He does go to other non nut free rooms now but I assume they are not free on those days. He uses the library and the gym now but it has not been a concern b/c they are not lunch rooms. Should I be pushing this now or next year? I would prefer it be a nut free school now and imagine it would be easier to get the ball rolling on this now to get everyone ready for this.

On Jan 6, 2004

Raising to ask a few questions.

Where are you? Canada or US? If in Canada - what province?

Also, has your son ever had airborne reactions? touch? Has he ever had a reaction at school?

On Jan 6, 2004

Seem to think you're in Ontario.

You might find this link of interest.


It's regarding the private members bill regarding anaphylactic students in schools.

On Jan 8, 2004

I am in Ontario, and no he has never had a reaction at school. They are pretty vigal there. However this will be completly different story and situation next year. Twice the number of students and parents. Twice the amount of room for error. Instead of 2 class rooms excluding gym and computers he will be in at least 4 different rooms a day plus gym and computers. Oh, library too! What they have in place for him now works and works well,but I do not think it will next year with all the changes to his schedule. This means that not just his room needs to be p/a tna free but all the rooms he enters which next year will be almost all of them.Whole new ball game! He has never had an inhaled reaction,only ingested ones. And if I do need to be insisting what is the best way to do this? The parents who are familiar with him have been great but now we are talking parents who have gone anywhere from 4-8 yaers sending whatever and not having to worry about it. This will put a few noses out of joint! I have had experience!

On Jan 8, 2004

How is the principal of the school? In Ontario he/she has the option of making a school peanut free. He/she does not have to ask anyone for permission.

It is good that you are starting to think about this now -- it gives you time to get something set up.

On Jan 8, 2004

It would depend on the severity of his reactions. If it's just when he ingests peanuts that he has a reaction , then I wouldn't insist on it. If it's topical I'd insist on seperate keyboards and maybe even whole classes. If his allergies include airbone reactions , then I'd insist on a peanut free school.

On Jan 9, 2004

Okay, I am probably opening something up here that is going to be a heated issue for some but, here goes anyway. My allergist told me there is NO chance of anyone having a reaction to peanuts or tree nuts just by smelling them. He said if the child had a reaction to anything and peanuts or the like were in the room it was more likly to be something else and just a coincident. My son has never had a problem with the penaut thing unless he actually ate them. Doctor also said to have a reaction by touching nuts he would have to either put his hands in his eyes,nose or mouth for a reaction.Hence ingestion. I do believe this b/c he has had to have touched at least one thing with residue on it. His school is not peanut free and all the kids use the library, gym, washrooms ect. Kids don't wash thier hands but, touch everything. My concern comes from cross contamination and sharing.He (my son) is well versed in not sharing but... he is only 8.He does have enviromental allergies to almost everything and the rubbing of eyes and nose goes on alot with him, so he would be at risk if somebody had something and touched something my son touches then rubs his eyes. There are alot of different ways and I am sure you all know them! He has never had a reaction at school of any sort that was not brought on by life experience.(playing in the school yard where there is pollen and such). The principle is very dillegent about keeping up and sends reminders to the parents on her own.She has always been very accomadating to his needs.I repect her and thank god I am lucky to have such a women in charge as her.It comes down to I want to keep him safe and at the same time make everyone's life as easy as possible. Grade 4 is a transitional grade and I do not want ot "embarass" him by becoming a crazed mom. Children can be cruel and grade 4 is the start of independance.Or at least in our schools. I am sorry if I have offened anyone by bringing up the touchy subject of inhalation and absorbtion. I am only trying to learn. Thanks all! You pov's still needed!

On Jan 9, 2004

domesticgodess, I don't think I've had any airborne reactions (possibly once, not sure), but I definitely believe they are possible.

I also have never had a touch reaction, and even after developing my allergies I did for a while allow my kids to continue eating pb, and I worked in a school lunchroom where I helped young kids open their lunches and I cleaned up their mess after they ate. But, I still believe other people could react to that.

There is a post on this board from Cindy. Her son had a reaction - probably from touching pb residue and then wiping his nose.

And, one allergist that I saw many years ago, told me that sesame seeds were *hypo-allergenic* and that nobody could ever be allergic to them. Trust me here, he was wrong on that.

At your son's school, do they eat in their classrooms? or in the gym? or a combination? Maybe the principal could try to have your son using rooms that are not used as lunch rooms. (Usually nobody eats in the computer room, or in any rooms that are not a homeroom.) Just a thought, but it depends on the actual set up at that school.

On Jan 16, 2004

Re-raising!! Anybody?