Should I be concerned? I\'m new to PA


Hi there. I'm trying to figure out where to start. Over the past few year I started to question if I was allergic to nuts, mainly peanuts. I would just get really itchy with tiny almost whitehead pimple looking bumps. Then it seemed like any time I ate any peanuts or even other types of nuts, I would break out with occasional welts under my eyes & even a swollen eye. But that was really hit or miss.... That said, let me take you to mid Septmember.

Episode 1: I had given my 3 dd's pecans & some fruit for a snack(they don't appear to have any FA). I ate about 4 pecans, I figured I needed to stay away from peanuts mostly. Anyways, within 15 min. My face was really itchy, & I had red welts under my eyes. I then noticed a few hours later my right eye began to swell. I ended up taking 2 benadryl that night & then it took about 6 days for my eye to go back to normal. About 4 days after my reaction I had to take my youngest dd for her check up & I told the dr. about what happened & he prescribed me 2 epi-pens. (I've also gone to him as my dr.)

Episode 2: I had eaten some snyder's pretzels(which are processed in a nut environment) & I didn't think I would be that sensitive. About 40 min. later, my nose got really itchy, but again, I didn't think much of it. So, after that we go out to dinner. I ordered my usual grilled chkn. salad, which they don't prepare in any nut oil, & I started getting more itchy. I talked with the waitress & asked her to go check the ingredient list on the dressing. She then informs me that the person who makes the salads wears gloves, but the walnuts are next to the salad & she may have touched the nuts before preparing the salad.

So, I went home & I started getting more ithcy & got some more of the little whitehead bumps. I had to take 2 benadryl which seemed to help. No swelling occured, but I realized my reaction got much more sensitive, especially where I didn't even eat nuts directly.

Episode 3: Last weekend I was kissing my newest little nephew(who is absolutely adorable), & about 40 min. later I started itching & getting little whitehead bumps. I realized that my sister had eaten a tsp. of peanut butter before I had held him & she had also smooched on him. I had to take benadryl that night, but the next a.m. I woke up with welts under my eyes & my right eye was swollen again.

I'm sorry this is so long, but part of me feels like this is a warning, but then I wonder if it is likely to ever turn into anaphalaxis?

Should I be concerned? Part of me also feels overwhelmed & in denial that it could be that bad.

On Nov 5, 2006

I would definitely be concerned. I went from being able to tolerate the smell of peanut butter, and mild reactions (just some welts and swelling to my throat closing up and not able to tolerate the smell (although this is kind of hit or miss). Each time you are exposed to an allergen, it gets worse. So, I sincerely hope you check what you eat and make sure it's safe. Trust me, it is frightening to have an anaphylactic shock, and not able to breathe. You don't want to go there!!!