Shells Restaurants-don\'t even go in!


I took my pa son into Shells (a seafood chain)to buy a gift certificate. We walked in the first set of doors and saw peanut shells on the floor through the second set of doors. I immediately took him outside and knocked on the window to get a server's attention. She came outside and did the transaction, and while we waited outside I noticed a few peanut shells on the sidewalk. On the way home, my son had a reaction and needed medical attention. I have since called their corporate office and spoke to Virginia requesting that they place a sign on the door stating that there are peanuts and peanut shells all over the place. I have not heard a reply yet. FYI- my son was in my arms the whole time- (he's 1 1/2). Be aware that Shells can be a real danger to those with pa.

On May 26, 2000

Wow! That is so scary that he reacted without even going in! What were his symptoms that needed medical attention? Was this a reaction from inhalation of particles since he didn't come into contact with any peanuts? We have several Shells restaurants but haven't been in to any in quite a few years (before pa son) but we don't go to the steak houses that have pn shells on the floor. You are right that they should post a sign. Let us know if you hear back from them.

On May 26, 2000

Wow, I live in Denver, Colorado, and we have a steakhouse called Lonestar with the same problem. I went there with my parents one night and decided not to take my son and I am glad I didn't. Since then, a few friends have want to go there, kids also, for an evening out. I had to decline the invitation, but once we explained, our friends had no problem changing places. I couldn't or don't want to even imagine what could have happened to our children if they had went in.

On Jun 20, 2006

I know this original thread is quite old, but after reading a current thread about a restaurant with peanut shells everywhere reminded me of Shells.

Several years ago, shortly after my son's diagnosis, my husband and I ate there. Shells is a seafood chain, seems to be in the Southern states. We were visiting my mom in Florida and she insisted that my husband and I go out to dinner and a movie. At the time, we had 3 kids 5 yrs and under, so we jumped at the chance for free babysitting and an uninterrupted meal! She suggested Shells, knowing that we both like seafood. There are these huge open barrels filled with peanuts that anyone can help themselves to, and the shells are discarded everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. The food was delicious, but in hindsight, had I known the severity of my son's allergy at the time, I would have walked out. I also remember checking on the way out if there was a sign on the entrance warning about serving peanuts, which of course there wasn't.

When we got back to my mother's house, I made sure we took off our shoes outside and wiped them with disinfectant wipes, washed our clothes in a load by themselves, and took showers. My mom felt totally guilty, forgetting about the peanuts and my son's allergy, again, because it was all so new at the time.

Anyway, I thought I'd try do a search, and I found this and thought I'd share my experience.

On Jun 21, 2006

very interesting... wonder if the steak places and whoever else still do this,,, having peanuts to shell, and drop o nthe floor...


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On Jun 22, 2006

Wow Melissa - I've never been in a lonestar where they've had peanuts/peanut shells.

Maybe they stopped doing that. The only steakhouse I know of that still currently does that is Texas Roadhouse.

On Jun 24, 2006

A Texas Roadhouse just opened near us and I was HORRIFIED that in this day and age they let customers eat and throw peanut shells on the floor of the restaurant. There was a warning on the door...we left immediately and will not be eating there - ever. There are plenty of other restaurants where we live, so I don't really care, but it just seems illegal or something...I mean, they don't even offer a peanut free section like at baseball games. It's discriminatory.

On Jun 24, 2006

Okay, is it just me or does anyone else find the practice of just discarding peanut shells on the ground just plain gross and rude? Even before my PA son I couldn't stand to eat at these types of places. I'm not a huge clean freak, but I shouldn't have to wade through 6 inches of peanut shells to get to my table either!

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On Jun 25, 2006

You know I do *now* think it is disgusting and vulgar...

But before I was PA, we had a restaurant here that did that nd I liked the place. For one, the food was fabulous and also- it was fun to break the normal "rules" and just throw your empty shells on the floor.

After I found out I was PA, I stopped going there and now freak out a bit when I see a stray shell when out for a walk or whatever and the thought of millions of shells everywhere is terrifying! I was happy when they closed, but another one moved in to the next town recently unfortunately...

But I guess I do understand the appeal.

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