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Shea, illipe, sal etc. Need expert advice please!

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Hi, I have recently noticed now in some products that I have previously eaten they have changed the ingredient list, In Mcvities biscuits, chocolate bars, all sorts of products containing chocolate it now says beside the vegetable fats "Sal and or Shea, Palm." Or Sal, Illipe, Mango, Shea." etc.

Please can anyone tell me if these are safe for nut allergic people? As I am finding it very hard to find any information on the internet about it, the only thing I found was something about Shea being shea nuts and then there are also sal nuts?

I have eaten these products for years but I don't know if this is a change in ingredients or if they are only just labelling it correctly now.


By HPearson on Aug 31, 2015

I am wanting to know the same thing. I am checking for my son as have been looking for AGES for a safe biscuit (egg, peanut and avoid tree nut). Finally found McVites chocolate digestive and hobnob which don't have nut warnings, but I am struggling to find information whether the listed shea nut, illipe nut, sal nut and kokum nut are safe...please help :) Thanks