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Shaving cream?

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of a peanut/tree nut free Shaving cream? My PA DD's class is doing handwriting skills using shaving cream next week. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you,


On Oct 6, 2006

My hubby (not PA or allergic, but 2 face-smooching kids are) uses Aveeno brand, but it is a shave gel & I don't know if you must have a cream.

I believe the Aveeno is nut & peanut free. He uses the fragrance free version.

We get it at Walmart (forgot to look where you are located).

Hope this helps a little. ~Elizabeth

On Oct 6, 2006

We've used the cheap-o Colgate brand and also Barbasol.... we have to go with something aloe-free as well. The Barbasol cans have ingredient listings.

(My DD [i]LOVES[/i] this as an "art" project.... a little bit of liquid food coloring and you can keep her happy for an hour. She's [i]SEVEN.[/i] )

On Oct 6, 2006

ajas_folks and Corvallis Mom

Thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate your help. Also, Corvallis Mom. Thanks for the great Idea to use food coloring. I will pass that along to DD's teacher.