Shaking Hands & P\'nut allergy


My VERY P'nut allergic 12 year old boy is a member of a swim team. I have NEVER in 4-years seen p'nuts at a swim meet UNTIL this past weekend. We were at a swim meet in Pensacola Florida when my son finished an event and went over to talk with his swim coach. His coach usually shakes their hand after they finish an event - This time my son noticed a cup of shelled peanuts sitting on the table. He had the presence of mind to tell his coach that he couldn't shake his hand because he is highly allergic to peanuts. (Just touching someone with peanuts can cause severe problems for my son) Anyway, his coach said, Oh, yes I forgot that you are allergic to peanuts. We escaped this time! My son was shakey when he came to tell me about it. I looked around the pool and saw peanuts in cups everywhere! They were a "treat" for the coaches and officials working the meet. Horrors!!! I immediately went and told the people working the hospitality room that my son could die if he came in contact with a peanut. We don't attend ballgames or eat at Logans Road House or knowingly go anywhere where peanuts are laying around - but this is the first time we have had to contend with quantities of peanuts being all around a swimming pool! I just don't feel safe anywhere! His coach & teammates know about his peanut allergy - they just "forget" sometimes. Thankfully, my son is old enough to take some responsibility - How to keep reminding people of this allergy is a burning question for me.

On Jun 27, 2002

Obviously all the years we have spent trying to get everyone to remember that our kids can die from one exposure to peanuts doesn't work. It sounds as if your son is very capable of handling himself. Very important life lesson for him to learn. Unfortunately the world cannot stop revolving because our kids are allergic. We need to teach them everything in our power for them to protect themselves. Sounds like you have done a very good job. You should be very proud of your son and of yourself. He is growing up and being responsible for his own health. My son is 10 and severely allergic also. He is fully capable of monitoring his environment at school, sports, and now football camp. Teaching them at a young age the seriousness of this allergy is so important. I know I won't always be around to monitor him....he needs to do it himself. (age appropriate of course.)

Sorry to hear about the nonsense you have had to go through but remember as my son would say "I'm the one with the allergy mom! Why are YOU getting so upset...I'll handle it". Congratulations on raising a young responsible gentleman. [img][/img]