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Author Topic: Sexual Relations and PA - for Adult PA's Only arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 20, 2000 01:46 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My pa son is still young but lately I've been wondering...when the time comes for "THE TALK", is there anything I should make sure he knows about in relation to his pa? I recall reading in another thread about a pa man who had a severe reaction after having intercourse with a woman who had eaten peanuts several hours earlier. The peanut proteins were somehow present in the vaginal secretions. Can this be true or was it just sensationalism reading?

IP: Logged mom2two Member Posts: 240 Registered: Jun 2000 posted November 20, 2000 02:17 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sounds sensationalistic to me! I think the chances are extrememly, EXTREMELY remote. Obviously by the time that day comes he will know enough not to kiss someone right after they eat a pb&j sandwich, other than that I woulnd't worry about the sex ed./pa connection.

IP: Logged Yankee Member Posts: 81 Registered: Mar 2000 posted November 20, 2000 03:00 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think there could be some merit to your question about the vaginal secretions. If the peanut protein is not broken down in the body, I don't see why it wouldn't be present in secretions. In fact, that is something that I have been concerned about as well. My fiance only eats peanuts when I'm away for a weekend or more. I often wonder if the protein could be present in his semen (I sincerely hope no kids are reading this!). I just make sure that we are very "safe" when he's eaten peanuts that week. And he NEVER eats them if he will be seeing me that day or even the day after. I would be curious to know what an allergist would say about this! IP: Logged mkruby Member Posts: 321 Registered: May 2000 posted November 20, 2000 06:34 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have wondered of this myself after having an allergic reaction to my husband eating many tangerines and that evening having sexual relations. A friend of mine is a nurse and she said that depending on what the man eats, will affect not only the 'allergen' being present in the semen, but also affect the scent. AND I sure hope no kids are reading this one :0) I will say though, it was NOT a pleasant experience. IP: Logged rebekahc Member Posts: 233 Registered: Dec 1999 posted November 20, 2000 10:52 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have never had a problem with semen causing a reaction, but my husband does not eat peanut products anymore. I can't say for sure that I've never had sexual relations with someone who had eaten peanuts that day, though. If I have, I wasn't aware of it and didn't react. I've also heard stories of people reacting to semen. Maybe you could just tell your son to always wear a condom (takes safe sex to a whole new level, huh? ).


IP: Logged SharonA Member Posts: 85 Registered: Nov 2000 posted November 21, 2000 09:13 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay ......*laughing* Since the questions and answers that I have received on this board have helped me a great deal I thought I would return the favor...... I was talking to a friend of mine (who definately is convinced now that I am one sandwich short a picnic) if peanut protein can be found in semen and vaginal fluids. In his medical opinion this is not possible and that cross contamination may have occurred in other ways. This is one doctor's opinion but I think I will err on the side of caution and not ask any others I know. Sharon

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IP: Logged mom2two Member Posts: 240 Registered: Jun 2000 posted November 22, 2000 12:09 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL sharon, I love the "one sandwich short of a picnic" comment. I think mothers in general (with pa and non pa kids alike) get this type of reaction when our worries sort of get a bit "over the edge", if you know what I mean! Happy thanksgiving all! IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 22, 2000 02:16 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would seem that I am providing humourous fodder for certain people here. Nonetheless I maintain the legitimacy of this particular question. For example, how do you account for the growing scientific evidence that peanut proteins can be transmitted through maternal milk? Is this topic "over-the-edge" too? Insufficient breakdown of protein matter within the body doesn't strike me as a motherly panic issue. I posted this thread to hear from any pa adults who may have experienced post-coital allergic reactions.

I am not "one sandwich short of a picnic" and I stopped giggling whenever I heard the word "sex" a long time ago...

IP: Logged mom2two Member Posts: 240 Registered: Jun 2000 posted November 22, 2000 02:26 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arachide, sharon was referring to HERSELF when she said she was a sandwich short, I was laughing at the expression itself, we were not making fun or you. she also gave you an opinion of her friend who is a doctor on the chances of this. When i was speaking of being over the edge I was referring to all mothers who worry about everything. you specifically ASKED if we thought this was sensationalism, we replied in kind. Seriously then, and speaking biologically now, putting on my scientist cap, the process that the body goes through to produce breast milk is not REMOTELY akin to the process it goes thru in producing vaginal scretions or semen!

You may as well start worrying about whether a pa person will go into anaphylactic shock if she should be sneezed upon by someone who has eaten a pbj sandwich in the last few hours!

Sorry, but the paranoia level here sometimes reminds of the early AIDS days when people were afraid to even touch someone who had the virus, the logic in that was fear based, NOT reality/logically based.

You have really annoyed me here, you have no sense of humor and I really think our children need parents who are not going overboard in their fears and projections of things that MAY possibly happen 20 years from now!

IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 22, 2000 04:09 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my free time I am researching and inquiring about what I perceive to be the whole sphere of life with a severe allergy. I do not limit my questions to only school issues or life-with-children issues. You are correct Mom2two, that I am asking about something that really isn't going to be a question for my child for many years to come; however, this website and this discussion board are here and now, and people who may have constructive feedback to share are here-and-now.

As for the similarites or disimilarities between breast milk production and other bodily secretions, I was merely citing an example. I am certainly not a medical expert and I don't pretend to know that various bodily fluids/functions are or are not inter-related.

I did ask if people thought this subject was sensationalistic. Perhaps I did misinterpret the "rolling eyes" icon and the "mothers in general" statement. Rest assured I do possess a sense of humour.

I'm sorry that you perceive me as a panicky, fear-mongering mother. I am merely a parent who is educating myself as best I can so that I may present thorough information to my child when the time and situation warrants.

IP: Logged SharonA Member Posts: 85 Registered: Nov 2000 posted November 22, 2000 06:25 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arachide Please accept my apologies if I somehow offended you. First my expression "one sandwich short a picnic" definately was referring to myself. My rolling eyes icon was because of the reaction that I got from a doctor a medical colleague . He was so uncomfortable that he thought I was nuts and did not wish to discuss the next questions I had because he was too embarassed. I wanted to know if it was possible for somebody allergic to even touching peanuts to have a reaction from their partner eating peanuts and then performing cunnilingus and/or fellatio. To me it seems that if these areas are so vascuar that anaphylaxis would be possible if the allergin gets into the blood stream in that manner. I didn't explain this part because I did not wish to be so graphic and to offend others who may not be as comfortable with discussing sexuality. I am new to this board and am not aware of some of the sensitivities others may have and wished to be considerate of that. I truly wanted to be helpful and since I have contact with physicians on a constant basis, I thought I would try to get some sound answers to your question. So many have helped me through these early days when everything seems so scarey and serious. I guess my need to keep things light while feeling terrified constantly was misunderstood and once again I'm sorry if you were hurt by my actions. It certainly was not my intention. Sharon [This message has been edited by SharonA (edited November 22, 2000).]

IP: Logged Cindy Spowart Cook Member Posts: 2069 Registered: May 2000 posted November 23, 2000 01:56 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arachide, my son will be 5 in a couple of weeks and to tell you the truth, this is something I had not thought of. I did know that he should not kiss another person that had just eaten a peanut product. I think it's a wonderful question actually and am looking forward to seeing if you get any more response from what seems like the few PA adults we have posting.

So far, MKRuby has given you an answer definitely but not in regard to PA, to another allergen.

Where could we find out what is carried in semen and vaginal secretions out of our own bodies? I have read that crack cocaine addicts have it found in their semen. What is transmitted in our bodily fluids and where do we find this out? We do know that diseases that are sexually transmitted (and then I raise the question, why are only some diseases sexually transmitted?) are carried in either semen or vaginal secretions.

I'm sorry, this calls for the Queen of the Website Links, I think, Cayley's Mom! I'll e-mail her the page and see if she can find a link to where we could ask such bizarre questions.

I don't think you posing the question was stupid at all and I'm finding it REALLY thought provoking. It's simply that I have no clue where to start to get an answer. Best wishes!


IP: Logged Gwen Thornberry Member Posts: 159 Registered: Oct 99 posted November 23, 2000 04:23 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have never reacted after intercourse, but the men in my life have never eaten nuts around me anyway. Although, there was this one time... I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY I'm going into it! Shall we just say that I had a slight reaction, and leave it at that.... I hadn't even thought about the possibility that it could have been pn/tn that caused that reaction. That's left me wondering now.


IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 23, 2000 07:01 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sharon - thank you for your reply. I realize this is a topic that may be difficult to discuss graphicly for some individuals and now I understand where you were coming from. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I look forward to reading further posts from you. I have tried "researching" this topic on the net and have only found some very technically jargoned articles concerning the role of certain proteins in the body.

IP: Logged Cindy Spowart Cook Member Posts: 2069 Registered: May 2000 posted November 23, 2000 08:00 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arachide, this one really had me thinking last night when I went to bed (and still does). But you know that when couples are trying to become pregnant, they also advise the father to watch what he is ingesting(or imbibing) so SOMETHING must pass in semen. It will be very interesting to get the answer here. I had seen the thread but hadn't come in because obviously I'm not a PA Adult, but someone had recommended that I read it and then I'm sorry, you know me, once I see something, I have to post. But I do find this one really quite intriguing. Oh, as a second thought, there is a thread for Adult PA Sufferers under Main Discussion also. Why don't you go in and post there, simply directing them to your post here? I know, it's the cross-posting thing, but some of the PA Adults I've noticed haven't been in here yet. Best wishes!


IP: Logged SharonA Member Posts: 85 Registered: Nov 2000 posted November 23, 2000 08:29 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There has been some research that suggests that the problem with low sperm counts can be greater in very allergic people being treated with many medications. The research is geared towards low counts rather than effects of allergies so the relationship may be sperious at best. There is a link between alcohol consumption and low sperm counts as well. I do believe that the focus of most of the advice regarding foods and trying to get pregnant are related more to the effect on sperm counts rather than to allergic reactions. Sharon

IP: Logged Cayley's Mom Junior Member Posts: Registered: posted November 23, 2000 10:50 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well Cindy, you've blown my cover. Yes, indeed, I do try to find links to all subjects pertaining to PA, but I must say, this one has me stumped. The trick to find good links is making sure they're legitimate sources of info., since anyone can post anything on the net and called it a fact. I can't find anything YET on this subject that either proves or disproves it. For example, type in peanuts+secretions and you get web links discussing the secretions released by the lungs when an object such as a "peanut" is inhaled.

Since I won't be seeing my allergist for another year, and I'm sure my doctor and pharmacist won't know the answer to this (although they are great sources for many things), I might try to email FAN, to see if they have done studies on this. I will post any response I get from them ASAP.

I'm sure a lot of people read these posts, who are not members of the PA site, simply to glean information about their particular circumstances. I'm sure they appreciate the mature, thoughtful (and sometimes humourous) comments about something they may not have considered thinking about before. As you said, arachide, this info is helpful to them in the here and now - well done.

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IP: Logged Cindy Spowart Cook Member Posts: 2069 Registered: May 2000 posted November 23, 2000 12:55 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry, Cayley's Mom, I had to blow your cover. It's rather obvious anyway - you are a wealth of really good website links that you are very good to post on this board! Also, I think it's a lot more positive than being Queen of the Thread Starters! Best wishes! arachide, my apologies for banter in your thread. Best wishes!


IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 23, 2000 02:14 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, here's a start: [url=""][/url]

It's a link to an article where flaxseed diet affected sperm in rats.

I was kind of hoping to hear some real-life experiences. Cindy, I haven't cross-referenced because I feel the topic title should be evident enough.

There's a thesis here somewhere.

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IP: Logged Cindy Spowart Cook Member Posts: 2069 Registered: May 2000 posted November 23, 2000 11:09 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arachide, I'm hoping you didn't take offense at my suggestion to cross-post and I completely understand why you didn't. This has been a very active thread. Please accept my apologies if it did offend you. Best wishes! ------------------

IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 24, 2000 08:28 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cindy - there was absolutely no offense taken! I guess I meant to say I'm too lazy to cross-reference when the title should be pretty clear in itself. Oh dear! I think I'm beginning to get the reputation of being easily offended. Not at all, folks. In fact, I'm kind of a rough-around-the-edges person. Some of my high school buddies used to call me "War Talks" Lisa. In my spare time I don a pair of boxing gloves and practice my kickboxing on our downstairs heavy bag. I am not the fragile soul type!

I guess we're not hearing from pa adults because either they've never experienced/considered this aspect of their lives, or, as Sharon aptly put it, many people are shy of talking about sexual matters on an open forum such as this.

IP: Logged Cindy Spowart Cook Member Posts: 2069 Registered: May 2000 posted November 24, 2000 11:08 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arachide, no I didn't get the impression from any of your posts that you're easily offended, but what I've found on the board lately is that I'm extremely careful about how I word things before I post them and then if someone does have a comment about what I post, I feel the immediate need to apologize. It's definitely MY problem, not yours. And I know that there are PA Adults who haven't posted here yet, but, as you say, they may not feel comfortable doing so. Best wishes!


IP: Logged SharonA Member Posts: 85 Registered: Nov 2000 posted November 25, 2000 11:56 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I got a brainwave! There is the "Sunday Nite Sex Show" on WTN. Sue Johanson will answer any question by phoning in on Sunday nights between 11:00pm and 12:00am ET at 1-888-393-8255 or sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to "DEAR SUE" c/o Sunday Night Sex Show 800-1255 Bay St. Toronto, ON M5R 2A9 What do you all think? Worth a try? Sharon

IP: Logged KarenT Member Posts: 54 Registered: Oct 1999 posted November 26, 2000 08:47 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mother read an article in Mademoiselle Magazine about 2 years ago. It was about this topic exactly. The women had an ANA. reaction from the mans sperm. I have tried to get my hands on this article with no success. I do not know how much truth there was to this article since I do not usually read this Mag. However it has given me excellent birth control knowledge for my 10 1/2 year old daughter. (no she is not active!) We have had the sex talk and I have told her that when she is in her 20's and meets the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with that he will really have to love her to give up peanuts for the rest of his life. Truth or Dare Games are allready a concern for me! ------------------ Karalot

IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 27, 2000 08:44 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sharon - great idea! Worth a try, but since I'm no night owl I'll send a SASE. I'll let you know if I get a response. Karen - I wonder if Mademoiselle has a website? I'll check it out later today.

IP: Logged Cayley's Mom Junior Member Posts: Registered: posted November 27, 2000 07:46 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I received a reply from FAN today, regarding the question of whether or not peanut protein can be transmitted by bodily secretions: ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm afraid I don't have any information to add to the discussion. I'm not aware of any studies that have been done to determine if allergens can be transferred through semen or perspiration.

Debbie Scherrer, Member Communications The Food Allergy Network [url=""][/url]


Now back to your regularly scheduled programming - real-life adult PA experiences!

IP: Logged krasota Member Posts: 30 Registered: Apr 2000 posted November 28, 2000 12:44 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my husband rarely eats peanuts. he does, however, eat soy fairly regularly. i'm severely allergic to soy... and i DO react to his semen if he's had soy in the last three days. if a child can react to a mother's breast milk, why would someone not react to semen? foods and drink affect the taste and smell of both semen and vaginal secretions. it seems to make sense that allergens could also make that journey.


IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted November 28, 2000 08:48 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I contacted Mademoiselle magasine yesterday. I was given the email address of the person who can help track down that infamous article. Hopefully I'll receive a reply quickly. IP: Logged Gwen Thornberry Member Posts: 159 Registered: Oct 99 posted November 30, 2000 11:57 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Myself and RebekahC have been discussing this topic together through email and both of us agreed to posting the 'findings' of our discussion on the board.

We have both experienced similar reactions (actually, exactly the same) after intercourse, but have never thought that it might be a reaction to pn/tn. A GYN was consulted at the time of a reaction, and it definately wasn't an std. The GYN could not pin-point the cause of the reaction either. We spoke to non pa/ta friends and none of them have ever experienced anything like our symptoms either, so we both agree that it was a reaction to pn/tn.

We can't say for certain that our partners were eating pn/tn in the hours/days before intercourse, but given the facts that it's never happened to a non pa, the GYN could not explain it and we have pa in common, we think it is pretty likely that it was a pn/tn reaction.

None of them have been life threatening, and they were localised. We didn't take antihistamine because we didn't take into consideration that it was a pn/tn reaction we were having, and I'm sure we'll both be much more careful in the future!

I haven't gone into details of the reactions because we both thought it may be a bit too graphic for young kids (and don't worry, it's not quite as bad as that sounds!). I haven't asked Rebekah whether or not she would be ok with this, but if anyone wants to email me (or Rebekah if she doesn't mind) I will go into more detail of the symptoms with them then.

Take care


IP: Logged rebekahc Member Posts: 233 Registered: Dec 1999 posted December 01, 2000 12:59 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well said Gwen! And no, I don't mind if anyone wants to contact me via e-mail or if you want to discuss my symptoms with anyone who contacts you. Rebekah

IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted December 01, 2000 08:45 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for relating your experiences Gwen and rebeckahc. I find this a really interesting and pertinent topic. Sexual relations aren't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about food allergies! Any male pa perspectives out there? I wonder if the man who started the thread about his reactions "in graphic detail" may have something to say here.

I'm still awaiting a response from Mademoiselle magazine. I wasn't able to send a SASE yet to WTN. Sharon, is the person you mentioned reputable? A Dr. Ruth? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with WTN's programming.

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IP: Logged Cayley's Mom Junior Member Posts: Registered: posted December 01, 2000 01:14 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- arachide - if I may answer for SharonA here, Sue Johanson is a very reputable source for info on sexual relations. The "Sunday Nite Sex Show" has been on the air since at least the mid 1980's, and Sue has covered just about every topic there is, in a factual, mature fashion. She is not intimidated by any question, and realizes that sometimes people don't have anyone else to turn to for advice. She would be an excellent person to contact with the question you posted. I guess she is a Canadian "Dr. Ruth"!

IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted December 05, 2000 08:17 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a link to a listing of articles about "Sex and Allergy": [url=""][/url]

Mademoiselle hasn't responded.

IP: Logged arachide Member Posts: 183 Registered: Aug 2000 posted March 07, 2001 08:00 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I thought I'd reactivate this thread because another poster inquired about this topic, and there are new adult pa's on the boards who may be able to contribute to this discussion. I never did receive a reply from Mademoiselle magazine btw.

On Jun 12, 2001

Nick posted 06-11-2001 11:45 AM ET (US) Rach / Sarah - I doubt it. Much more likely for people to have a problem with the latex content! I don't think the lubricant is any form of oil - if I remember (never used them - horrid!), it is totally synthetic.

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hello thanks CHRIS,

hmmm.... william has a kiwi fruit allergy , but as hes only five l wont worry too much ha ha , had to laugh at myself yesterday , found out that william has a allergy to nickel, and had to laugh at the image in my head of a teenage william bringing home a girl friend with a metal stud through her tongue!!!(its still pretty fashionable around here along with belly buttons etc) hmmm maybe that isnt so funny...eek!!!! bye sarah

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I just thought I'd share a male perspective on this. My fiance eats PN/TN and I havn't experienced any reactions during/after intercourse. She doesn't eat alot of PN/TN when I'm home (I travel alot) but she'll have a chocolate bar with almonds or peanuts. Then she warns me and brushs her teeth after and that seems to be good enough for us.

I have to admit that this is one of those things that just simply never occurred to me to even worry about!

Cheers, J.J.

On Jun 15, 2001

Finally! A male perspective! Thanks J.J.