severe peanut allergy and wrestling


My son would like to wrestle, but has a severe peanut allergy. Does anyone have a child with a severe peanut allergy that wrestles? If so, how do you make certain that he does not come in contact with residue from another wrestler or the mat. Thanks!

By BestAllergySites on Sep 27, 2009

I was just thinking of this the other day. My son is only 6, but I was thinking how he might like or be into wresting. It's something though that I'm just not sure I am comfortable with.

We have contact allergies as in if peanut gets on his hands and he rubs his eyes nose or mouth he could have an anaphylactic reaction. So wresting-and being so close concerns me.

That being said, if your son really wants to participate-is there a way you can work with the school/coach to insist that all students thoroughly wash hands before matches?

I'm sure in light of all the allergies out there now, they could do this without pointing out who the person is or what it's for.

I would be fine having it stated that it's for food allergy purposes-but honestly-for hygiene purposes alone I think hand washing is a good idea before and after wrestling.

Hope that helps! Ruth

By Mom1 on Jan 14, 2012

My son is six years old and has severe peanut, nut, and egg allergy as well as asthma. He does participate in wrestling because he is very good at it and absolutely loves it! We contact the head coaches prior to each tournament and ask that they don't serve PB & J sandwiches at the tournaments. This helps to reduce the risk a bit. Then we have the components wash their hands prior to a match. I think I may start to bring disinfectant wipes to wash down the mat as well. My son did have a mild reaction after one match where I had to give him Benadryl. Today, we had to leave the tournament without participating because they were still serving PB sandwiches at the snack bar. We wrestle when we can and when the risk seems too high, we avoid it. It is a tough one. Still learning how to deal with it.