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Posted on: Sat, 03/02/2002 - 10:55am
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EXACTLY. It's a matter of comfort zones which are pretty specific to your child's own (potentially multiple) food allergies as well as their age and verbal/analytical skills.
My own daughter has excellent verbal skills, but is fiercely imaginative... she needs to watch something only once before its story line and specific lines become part of her vocabulary.... and until recently, a lot of what she said was not clearly enunciated. Our fear was that with PB+J (knowing our luck [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] ) she would only pick up "peanut butter" and someone might inadvertently think she was (GASP!) asking for some. She doesn't watch much TV to start with (Maybe six hours each week total, including videos) and we felt there were definitely better choices is all. She enjoys Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, and many of the PBS programs, such as Clifford, SS, Between the Lions, Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow, and Zoom (which I frankly cannot see the allure of to a three year old, but whatever... it is pretty educational).
As for Cookie, she loves him and yes, does emulate him. I have about four different wheat,egg, milk, and pn free cookie recipes, so this isn't really a problem for us. (Aside from the mess [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] )

Posted on: Sun, 03/03/2002 - 2:41am
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This is an interesting discussion. Just had to laugh, though, because my son is also allergic to sesame, but always watched Sesame St. when younger, and I never even thought about it! When I was a kid we lived on a Sesame St. for several years. Other kids used to make fun of our street.

Posted on: Mon, 03/04/2002 - 12:37am
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Well, Mumford on Sesame Street stopped saying "alla peanut butter sandwiches" when he does his majic. A step in the right direction anyway. I know this morning on The Book of Pooh, Tigger was eating peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches. Ugggh. I just say to my son "yuck, you can't eat peanut butter, it will make you sick and you'll have to go to the hospital". I think Bob the Builder did do a show on peanut allergy. I didn't see it but the details are on the Media Board somewhere.
My problem with Sesame Street is that they lend their logo and characters to Keebler for their snacks. I find Keebler to be one of the worse offenders for labeling "may contain..." I've tried to contact someone at Sesame Street to complain but with no luck.

Posted on: Mon, 03/04/2002 - 12:38pm
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I have also found this topic interesting. My 22 month old PA son doesn't yet understand his allergy, but I also plan to use these shows as conversation starters. I too cringe and the mention of peanut butter, but I know that a peanutfilled world is something that my family will learn to deal with. If fact i loved peanut butter myself as a child and as a adult. I ate is all the time before I found out my son had PA.
It's not the fact that peanuts are mentioned, it's the fact that peanut allergy is NEVER mentioned that bothers me.
My son loves BOB THE BUILDER, but unfortunately Bob is NOT allergic to peanuts. There is an episode where Scoop (the yellow tractor) has hay fever and has to go home and rest because he isn't feeling well. The only other mention of allergies is when the computer repair guy comes to fix the computer. He is sneezing and decides that he is allergic to the cat and leaves in a hurry. It would be nice to have at least one TV show that addressed PA.

Posted on: Wed, 03/06/2002 - 7:35am
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Did Mumford really stop saying "A la peanutbutter sandwiches"? I thought I saw a recent episode where he said it. I cringe at that moment. Cookie Monster doesn't really bother me because there are peanut free cookies safe for PA kids. My PA 19-month old is a SS addict and thinks Cookie is hilarious. I will explain to him when he's older that he can only eat safe cookies.
I think Sesame Street is generally EXCELLENT when it comes to portraying kids who are in some way different. It was a trailblazer for showing kids of different races, and they just added a character who is in a wheelchair (Emily) with am episode dedicated to introducing her. I think they would respond well to a suggestion about discussing food allergies...and might change some of their content to reflect the fact that not all kids can eat just anything. I'll try e-mailing CTW about it.

Posted on: Wed, 04/09/2003 - 7:14am
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I totally understand where you're coming from. All the talk about PB&J on kids' T.V. shows really bugs me, too. But, it was funny: when I read your "ham and cheese" comment I was thinking "well, that would be a problem for the Jews and the Muslims"! So, maybe they just need to rotate foods around a bit more and not focus on any one in particular. When my dd was little she had a milk allergy as well as being pa. I remember a Barney song where he'd sing "after a peanut butter sandwhich, ..... a drink you get from a cow...... ....I've looked around and never found, anything better than milk." Obviously I can't remember all the words, but boy did that song bug me! Take care, Miriam

Posted on: Wed, 04/09/2003 - 8:46am
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I know- my daughter (who is almost 4) absolutely adores Zoe. She is perfectly [i]crestfallen[/i] every time Zoe orders a pb+j at Hooper's store... (It both saddens and amuses me... though I realize that doesn't make any sense.) I find it funny that what Zoe does matters so much to my child and I also find it sad that it never seems to be anything else... though I seem to recall that Rosita occasionally has a cheese sandwich instead. (I don't pay much attention, truthfully)
I remember that song, too!!!! 'Damned purple fiend', I used to think! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

Posted on: Wed, 04/09/2003 - 10:03pm
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Yes I so agree. I posted about this awhile back. It seems that ALL the PBS shows mention Peanut Butter on a regular basis. I have no problem w/ on occasion but it seems that at least every day their is a song about peanut butter or they are eating it. My daughter was singing some peanut butter song the other day that she heard on Sesame Street and it made me feel really bad for my son. I think it'd be nice for them to at least acknowledge on Sesame Street especially that some children are allergic. Maybe make one of the characters allergic since so many of them are ALWAYS eating PB.
I remember someone commenting that PBS stood for the "Peanut Butter Stations".
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Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 11:34pm
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Quote:Originally posted by robinlp:
[b] I think it'd be nice for them to at least acknowledge on Sesame Street especially that some children are allergic. Maybe make one of the characters allergic since so many of them are ALWAYS eating PB. [/b]
Be careful what you wish for. (Remember me, Ms Negativity???) IF Sesame Street were to make a character allergic to peanut I sure hope they talk to some pa parents first (some of you could definitely help them out). I wouldn't expect it to be the main theme of an entire season or anything, but it would ALWAYS have to be incorporated with that particular character. Not to say every show with pa character has to discuss pa. Only those that involve food. But shows that include food would ALWAYS have to consider it, just like all you pa mom's do.
BTW, my son (now five) recently asked me if McDonald's is on Sesame Street - because mommy is allergic to them both - we are now distinguishing the difference between the restaurant and the actually food (sesame seeds) mommy can't eat. He was so scared I wouldn't let him keep his Elmo "you aren't 'lergic to him are you?"


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