Sesame Seed Allergy


I bought a bag of PLAIN mini Bagels from Trader Joes this weekend. Their was no warning of any kind- or allergen statement.

I examined these before I gave to my dd and found several sesame seeds on a couple bagels! I was horrified and shocked! Also depressed and angry!

What are next steps? Why can't Sesame be one of the top allergens that they label for in the US?

For those dealing with a sesame allergy, do you make all your own bread products?

Thanks, Gwen

By lakeswimr on May 26, 2010


On Sep 26, 2005

Caitlin has a sesame allergy. We buy 365 brand italian bread, sliced on a cleaned slicer at Whole foods.

There a x-contam label on it (sesame, milk etc...)

But we've bought at least 70+ loaves with no reactions to date.

OK. A sesame allergy, accoring to RAST. Her rast was over 50... But we avoid the majority of breads and stuff anyways, so to us, avoiding sesame is kinda easy, kwim?


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On Sep 26, 2005

Gwen, I made all my own breads and buns, and pizza doughs for over 10 years. It's only within the last year I found a few brands of bread that were sesame seed free.

I had found white and brown bread - but recently two of the three loaves were moved to a different plant and are no longer safe. They also make flat breads which I can eat.

Within the last month I found out about a local company that makes dark breads (e.g. rye and pumpernickle) in a sesame free plant - so we've been enjoying them.

I still make my own pizza dough, buns, and if I want them bagels. My buns are still not very good. My bagels taste good, but don't look as tempting as store bought.


Are you just recently dealing with sesame seed allergy? Also be careful of crackers. Christie in Canada puts sesame seed warnings on crackers that are may contains - and fortunately they do have some safe ones.

On Sep 26, 2005

Jason and others- What DO you feed your kids?

If their is a warning for Sesame, why are you comfortable giving this to your child?

Do you all shop at Trader joes?

On Sep 26, 2005

We do not trust the store bought breads or buns for sesame. DS without food allergies eats store bought bagels and breads and occasionally finds sesame seeds; not labeled sesame. We use a breadmaker for bread and doughs. DS with FA's does eat store bought flour tortillas (sandwich wraps).

Funny, my buns come out pretty well, but my bagels were soooo much work and ended up a big soggy mess.

On Sep 26, 2005

Hi Gwen,

We've been dealing with sesame allergy for about 7 years, and truthfully in some ways I find it harder to deal with than PNA.

As for what to do, if you've saved the bag, contact your local office of the FDA and let them know of the presence of the seeds. The only way to get sesame made one of the "big 9" is to keep bugging the FDA about it. Let Trader Joe's know as well.

As for feeding, I've been using Wonder Whole Wheat (I'm in the northeast) that appears to be safe. I had been using Stroehmann's for years, but found sesame seeds in their bread last year and then was told that they changed plants, blah-dee-blah-dee-blah. If and when I can no longer use Wonder, I guess I'll have to break down and get a bread machine and add one more thing to my already small and crowded kitchen!

I share your frustration about the sesame issue in the U.S. This past summer while at a FAAN conference I asked an FDA representative why sesame isn't one of the major allergens here, when it is in Canada and Europe. He replied that if the science is there, they'll consider it. Well the science [b]is[/b] there, and I want to see some action. [img][/img]

Best of luck!


On Sep 26, 2005

Thank You for all your responses. My Mom just brought over her rarely used breadmaker and I am going to give it a shot!

I have tried calling my local FDA consumer complain hotline but they have not returned my call. I will keep on it.

I really want to see Sesame be one of the top allergens that will be listed on the warnings- can we all ban together somehow and mount a campaign to make this happen???

thanks, Gwen

On Sep 26, 2005

My friend's dd is severly allergic to sesame seeds.

She always made her own bread buns pizza dough etc.

She phoned and phoned until she found a small bakery who were very empathetic to her. (turns out the owner's mom has severe food allergies also.)

They completly cleaned all their pans and the ovens etc. before they made her order.

She spent 65 dollars on bread hot dog buns hamb buns etc.

Perhaps you could be lucky if you phoned all the bakeries and felt comfortable with any of their answers.

Good luck I realize how hard it is.

On Sep 27, 2005


Originally posted by Gwen 5: [b]Jason and others- What DO you feed your kids?

If their is a warning for Sesame, why are you comfortable giving this to your child?

Do you all shop at Trader joes?[/b]

2 part Q.

Answer the last part first...

We're comfy giving this bread because we have in the past, and will continue in the future, until a reaction occurs. Shes allergic to wheat products (yes, the bread is wheat) -- its the only wheat product she can eat...

Yeah. that sounds whacked. We're not stupid... She tried pasta -- reacted. She tried cream of wheat -- reacted. She ate teddy grahams -- reacted. She tried a hamburger bun (pareve) -- reacted.

Why this bread? Damned if [I] know... Allergist says the same thing... So we continue.

We feed her a LOT of stuff. Not MANY things IMO have sesame...fruits, veggies, snacks, turkey,chicken,pork, and soy or rice products. there you go. Her diet in 11 words [img][/img]


By sesamegirl on Mar 5, 2011

Hi, I am very allergic to sesame and buying bread is getting to hard and scary! I would love to share any recipes you may have so I can still enjoy bread and other baked goods. I am trying to make a little book of safe food recipes so I appreciate any help with this!! Thank you so much, Sesamegirl

On Sep 27, 2005


We've been dealing with allergies to many things including peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, dairy, soy. Needless to say, it's difficult to find safe bread/rolls! I have used some in the past, but feel much more comfortable making my own and freezing.

I have some recipies if you'd like.

On Sep 27, 2005

My DS is also allergic to sesame (along with pn, tn, and soy). I do make all of his bread, mostly because his RAST levels for sesame were fairly low and I am hoping that with strict avoidance we can outgrow this one. The only crackers we feed him are goldfish (pepperige farm does label for sesame X -cont. ) and Triscuits. Most crackers I have called on do have possible cross cont. with sesame, but I feel comfortable with these two, as we've never had any problems. I agree that sesame is almost harder to avoid than nuts b/c nobody labels for it. That's why I'm hoping he'll outgrow it, making bread every other day is a pain in the rear.

One tip for the bread machine - I run mine on the dough cycle only , and then take the dough out, shape it, put it in a greased loaf pan, and bake for 25-30 min at 375. It makes a much nicer loaf for slicing than the vertical bread machine pan!


On Sep 27, 2005

DS reacts to sesame by contact so yes, I do make the breads...and lots of it! I use a bread machine not only for the doughs but also to bake bread.

I have a Zojirushi (my second one in two years!) but would recommend that the less expensive models tend to make better bread although the shape may be a little strange. My two old Admirals are hanging in there and I frequently have all three machines going, especially for parties, holidays, etc. (My old Zo I sold to my brother to try out. He's a mechanic and could fix the bread pan more easily than me. I had to buy a new bread pan each year. Ummm...why did I get another Zo? Because of the bells and whistles. However, their customer service is very poor so I may just go for another brand next time.)

Sesame seed is harder to avoid because it's not one of the top allergens in the US and thus, products are poorly labeled for sesame seed.

I don't think there's a bread I haven't made except for shaping English muffins. I do make English Muffin loaf which is good toasted. My breads tend to turn out well--good, tasty, and if the weather cooperates, well-formed.

On Sep 28, 2005

Like Jackson's Mom, I usually run on the dough only cycle, and then bake in the oven for a *normal* shaped bread. I find the texture much better that way too.

And, like Donni, I have more then one bread machine, and often had both running at the same time. (I only have two.) I only take one on vacation with me though.

Care to share the English Muffin loaf recipe? Sounds yummy.

On Sep 28, 2005

AnnaMarie...I, too, only take one on vacation, usually one of my Admirals. A couple of years ago, we went on vacation with my brother's family. He brought along his Breadman and we had both machines going almost daily for the 8 of us!

Here's the English Muffin Recipe. I always start with 1 1/4 cups water and add more if necessary.

1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups water 3 Tbs sugar 1/4 cup instant nonfat dry milk 1 1/2 tsp kosher salt 1/4 tsp baking soda 1 Tbs gluten 3 1/2 cups bread flour 2 1/4 tsp yeast

Basic white bread setting, light crust setting. Cool, slice, freeze, toast...enjoy!

On Sep 28, 2005

Thank you Donni. [img][/img]

By sesamegirl on May 25, 2010

Hi I am new here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am sesamegirl and I have a allergy to (can you guess?lol) sesame.My Husband started a facebook page trying to raise awareness of this allergy and how we need strict labeling for those products that contain it. We would also like to raise awareness that the seed is not flavored and is really very useless.So if you would like to join to help and post your stories we would love to have you.Its called "stop the use of sesame seed and oils in food and bath products" Come help us build this board for awareness!!!

By lakeswimr on May 26, 2010


By SesameFree.Org on Jun 14, 2010

We have all been there. I realize that this forum is a bit out dated, but we invite all of you t o sign the prtition ah Sesame Seed Allergy Awareness and Support regarding the labeling of sesame seed on products and not allowing it to be hidden as a spice. you can claim your free pixel and sign the petition by visiting