Sesame Place-safe?

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Hi there, has anyone with PA/TNA gone to Sesame it safe and accomodating? thanks

On May 14, 2008

Yes, we have gone the past 2 summers. They are very accomodating. I called ahead because we did the breakfast with the characters. (I would recommend that too-we got great pictures!!!) It worked out well for us though in that our kids prefer to eat the cold cereal from boxes that are available on the buffet anyway. They really just wanted to see the characters. It's a great park. Mostly water rides, so wear bathing suit and water shoes. My DH carried a fanny pack with meds that we found at a sports store and tried his best to keep it from getting too wet. There are some dry rides. A great climbing rope area too. They have a street set up just like on Sesame Street! Try to catch the parade too! We love that place!

On May 22, 2008

Did your peanut-allergic child eat the food at Sesame Place? We've got reservations for Breakfast w/ cookie monster but I am planning to bring his food with me. Also, any safe restaurant recommendations/good restaurant experiences for supper/dinner around that area? Thanks!

On Jul 18, 2008

I just wanted to raise this topic again because we recently went to Sesame and I thought it was great experience. We did breakfast with Cookie Monster. I emailed in advance and they gave me a very thorough response which I'd be happy to share with anyone who is interested. They provided the menu, info on ingredients, offered to make a separate plate for my son, and also said we could bring food in a small cooler if we prefer. We did opt to bring in a small cooler. My son was so overwhelmed and excited by the characters at breakfast, he hardly ate anyway!

I thought that Sesame was very accommodating. And it was very clean there too. Only downside--the price, $46/person for 2 day pass; but I think that's the going rate these days, and it's cheaper than Disney! (Meals with the characters are a separate fee, in addition to admission.)

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