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Sesame oil if peanut allergic?

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I've heard mixed information about the safety of sesame oil if one is peanut allergic but not sesame allergic. Is there anyone out there with peanut allergy without sesame allergy that has had any +/- experiences with it? What about other asian sauces that do not list peanut on the ingredient label?


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On Jan 1, 2004

I would also be interested inhearing the concesus on this. My child is Peanut & Soy allergic but has had sesame oil (in chicken broth w/ ramen noodles, chicken, & vegetables.. yummy!) on quite a few occasions w/ no trouble. I does make me sort of nervous, though...


On Jan 1, 2004

My son is allergic to peanut and sesame, and I wondered about this for a long time. Finally I read that sesame oil DOES contain the protein and should not be used by anyone with sesame allergy. Some peanut oil is heat processed, (theoretically) removing the protein, but sesame oil is not processed that way. Sesame oil is coldpressed and remains allergenic. I will try to find the link and post it here.

On Jan 1, 2004

MimiM-- sorry, I completely misinterpreted your question. I didn't realize you were talking about sesame oil for people who are ONLY peanut allergic.

The only possible problem I could see is if the manufacturer of the sesame oil also makes peanut oil--possible cross contamination.

Sorry for barging in and answering the wrong question!

On Jan 2, 2004

My PA/TNA son has had sesame oil and sesame seeds without any problems. He doesn't have them all too often tho, since I have that nagging worry about the possibility of developing an allergy to sesame. Probably not rational - I don't limit soy after all. I think Cindy had a thread about seeds and nuts that touched on this as well, but I'm not sure exactly under which topic that was posted.

On Jan 2, 2004

I would say no sesame oil based on experience about 4 yrs. ago with my PA child.

I think it is a cross contamination issue, but he complained of "burning my tongue" and nausea when exposed to some food containing toasted sesame oil. I don't know whether it was just that bottle, but haven't given it to him since.

I would have zero trust of asian bottled sauces except those actually produced in USA or Canada where you can call the manufacturer. I automatically assume most are cross contaminated either because of cold pressed oil issues or the Thai satay sauce processed or packaged on the same manufacturing lines. You have absolutely no idea about stuff that is just rebottled or distributed in the US from Taiwan and China and I am not sure you could get a reliable answer from a distributor.

My PA child has consumed a lot of raw and toasted sesame seeds on bread products with no complaints or reactions, so we do not otherwise avoid sesame. I have not tried him on Tahini as I was not too sure about cross contamination there either and he was not too interested in it.

On Jan 2, 2004

My DD is PA only. The last time I made hummus, she said it burned her tongue. I couldn't decide if it was the sesame in the tahini, or the chickpeas. She has refused sesame since then, but was negative to it when skin tested 7 months ago. I am a paranoid person, but I consider (for DD) sesame to be like TN in that we avoid it and hope not the be positive for the next test. Our allergist also recommended avoidance the last time I talked to her about it.

On Jan 2, 2004

My DD is PA only. The last time I made hummus, she said it burned her tongue. I couldn't decide if it was the sesame in the tahini, or the chickpeas. She has refused sesame since then, but was negative to it when skin tested 7 months ago. I am a paranoid person, but I consider (for DD) sesame to be like TN in that we avoid it and hope not the be positive for the next test. Our allergist also recommended avoidance the last time I talked to her about it.

On Jan 2, 2004

Is it possible that the raw garlic in the hummus was too much for your daughter?

I'm not discounting a reaction to other ingredients, but I know plenty of folks who find raw garlic burns quite a bit, even in small amounts.

I use sesame oil and toasted sesame oil quite frequently. And I adore tahini. No reactions, obviously, else I wouldn't eat 'em. [img][/img]


On Jan 2, 2004

I eat sesame seeds (on bread) and sesame oil (in Japanese food) all the time and have never experienced any problems at all.

On Jan 5, 2004

Thanks for your answers. Of note, my son who is PA eats sesame seeds and hummus with no problem. I was just wondering about the oils and sauces. I put sesame oil in another category because the issue is that it is imported from Asia. Really the only way I'd feel comfortable using it is if I have heard from a good number of people who are PA but not SA, have tried it themselves (like Erik!)and have not had reactions. So keep the responses coming! Also, does anyone know of some sesame oil that is not imported could you please share the brand? I think if it's made in the USA or Canada it is less likely to be a problem. Thanks again!

On Jan 5, 2004

Hi MimiM,

Yes.. I eat at Japanese restaurants quite often, and they always use sesame oil there in the salad dressing, etc... I never had any problem even though I eat sesame oil often.

However I do realize a new allergy could begin at any time, but after 38 years of eating sesame and tree nut products (and fish too) I don't worry too much about new allergies.

I am PA.

I am not TNA and I am not SA.

(I have never checked sesame oil labels in restaurants.. maybe I should but so far I have not)

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On Jan 6, 2004

Thanks Erik, I'm glad to hear a positive experience. You said that you eat in Japanese restaurants. Do you ever eat Chinese? We totally avoid both just because I'm concerned about cross contamination (not that I could get him to try anything there anyway-very picky!). Do you ever make your own asian dishes at home with sauces sold in the supermarkets?

On Aug 8, 2004


Sesame oil is a big no-no for me. I am PA and also TNA. Sesame oil is very bad news for me.

I am interested in PA people who say they can eat sesame oil. Because I can smell the sesame oil and it smells just like peanuts! I was about to eat a dish of Asian noodles brought in from take-out at a guest's house one night, and thankfully the pungent smell of peanut (which was really the hot sesame oil) kept me from doing it.

Don't you all notice the similar scent? Of course maybe it's different w. different types of oil?

I can eat hamburger buns w. sesame seeds with no problem. It's the oil that will get me.

Interesting question! Best wishes to all! [img][/img]

On Aug 9, 2004

I don't find that sesame oil smells anything like peanut oil. Sesame oil smells like sesame. Toasted sesame oil smells lke toasted sesame. Tahini doesn't smell, nor does it taste of peanut butter.

I'm allergic to peanut and soy.


On Aug 11, 2004

Henson, Thanks for reraising my thread! [img][/img]

You say that sesame oil is a big "no no" because it smells like peanut to you but have you actually had a reaction from eating it? If so, how do you know that another source of peanut (other than the oil) didn't cause the reaction? I'm very curious about this!

If you smell chinese food that has sesame oil in it and it smells like peanut to you, maybe it has peanut in it as well. I don't let my my son eat chinese food at all (unless we make it at home).

Not having an allergy to either, I can tell you that they both have very distinctive flavors that are different.


On May 28, 2006

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to add my 2 cents.

DS is PA only (had hives) and absolutely loves sesame seed oil. We do not buy any manufactured in the US because of fear of cross contamination with peanuts, since a lot of oil companies will press multiple kinds.

Instead, we get ours from Korean grocery stores. The brand name is Kadoya, and it's made in Japan. I have looked at their website before-- I have extremely limited Japanese, but from what I've seen it looked like they only make sesame seed oil.

I just noticed this is the adults board... DS is only 2 1/2 yrs old.

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On May 29, 2006

Thanks Davidsmom03, What's interesting is that I have never found a Sesame oil that is made in the U.S. I think I would feel safer if it were because of better labelling and cleaning practices. Regardless, it is certainly encouraging to know that your child does not have any problem with it. Hopefully, one of these days, I will get the courage to let my son try it!

On Jul 20, 2006

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to contribute. My DD has severe PA but has never had a reaction to white sesame seeds or Japanese sesame oil. However, I would be cautious about black sesame seeds, as my DD has had a reaction (itchy tongue and throat) from eating just a few seeds. From what I know, Japanese sesame oil company manufactures just the pure sesame oil and there should be very little cause for cross-contamination.

On Jul 20, 2006

Thanks, That's really good to know. What brand do you use?

On Jul 21, 2006

MimiM, I only use Kadoya brand, 100% pure sesame oil. oh, I should also mention that the allergist warned me those with PA tend to have reactions to flax seeds and flax seed oil. My child has never had any reaction to either of those, but you might want to keep this in mind.

On Jul 21, 2006

Thanks for the info. I don't think I've ever seen Kadoya brand although I have seen sesame oil that was imported from Japan. Are you in the US or Canada? We are in the US. I'm pretty sure my son has eaten things with flax seed oil and possibly flax seed as I know it's in whole grain breads. If so, he's never reacted.

On Jul 21, 2006

Wow, I just did a search and found the Kadoya website. I do think that I've seen this brand by the way although I'm not sure who sells it around me.

Anyway, it appears that sesame is the only item that this plant uses. No other nuts at all! I emailed them anyway to inquire about crosscontamination. They have a great website that tells all about their history, etc. Very interesting!


Thanks again!

On Jul 21, 2006

I am PA allergic and I have sesame oil sometimes -- not really too often though. When my b/f pops popcorn, he uses a little bit of sesame oil, to give it a good flavor. That's almost the only time I've usually had the oil, other than the occasional "oh I tried this with sesame oil" meals that he'll occasionally make.

I, like someone above, stick to these few exposures, as I am always scared of developing a new allergy...I also limit the amount of "extra" soy I eat (tofu, soy sauce, etc) for the same reason...I tend to avoid the legume family, except in like refried bean & chili forms, as my allergist warned me that I could have issues with other types of legumes, given my problems with peanuts & such. I know I'm not avoiding soy completely, but that's one I don't even want to think about all the things that contain soy!!!

On Sep 4, 2006

I recently found Kadoya sesame oil at Wegmans so I bought a small bottle of it. I am happy to report that we have now used it twice and my son has eaten without any signs of a reaction. Of course I'm a bit reserved about trying other brands as the others I've seen are distributed by companies that also distribute peanut sauce (plus tons of other asian sauces) but at least we have this one brand that we can use at home safely.

My husband made a wonderful chicken stir fry last night which we ate with Japanese sushi rice. It was delicious!

Thanks Scaredtodeath!

On Sep 4, 2006


Originally posted by pgrubbs: [b]My DD is PA only. The last time I made hummus, she said it burned her tongue. I couldn't decide if it was the sesame in the tahini, or the chickpeas.[/b]

I know this is an old thread, but I just want to mention that most tahini is made on equipment with peanuts. So the tahini would probably be contaminated with peanuts.