Seminar at CHEO (Ottawa) on September 22, 2004

Posted on: Sat, 09/18/2004 - 12:28am
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I just received the following information from Cindy at NASK, who, in turn, received it from Laurie at Anaphylaxis Canada. There will be a seminar re food allergies at CHEO in Ottawa on September 22, 2004:-

September 20, 2004 For Immediate Release

Education Key In Prevention Of Fatal Allergic Reactions


Posted on: Sat, 09/18/2004 - 12:32am
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Anonymous (not verified)

You can e-mail Anaphylaxis Canada if you would like to attend:-
Attached you'll find the media advisory that CHEO will send on the 20th.
Please feel free to distribute as you see fit. CHEO has asked anyone
interested in attending to advise me instead of contacting them -
[email][/email] .
Best wishes! [img][/img]


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