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Spoke to a See's Candies rep today to confirm that the Semi-sweet Chips they sell are indeed nut-free. She assured me that they are made in a nut-free facility, and also listed some other products that they carry that are also "recommended for nut-allergic customers." Along with HOLLOW chocolate figures and candy canes, she surprised me with "lollipops." These are the rectangular chocolate pops that I used to LOVE as a child; I never give them to my son because they also had peanut butter flavored pops. It turns out that See's has STOPPED MAKING THE PEANUT BUTTER FLAVORED SUCKERS in response to concerns of peanut-allergic customers! The suckers are now considered nut-free!!! Yippee!

On Jul 13, 2001

Be very careful with See's suckers. The PB ones look just like the caramel ones. Andy

On Aug 23, 2001

I was at See's last week, and was also told that the peanut butter flavored suckers had been discontinued, and that the remaining flavors were now safe for peanut allergic people.

On Aug 23, 2001

Do you have the phone number? thx

On Aug 23, 2001

I am not familiar with See's. Can you please post the contact info, I would greatly appreciate it! thanks in advance....

On Sep 4, 2001

Last week I wrote to See's on their web site to ask which, if any, products were safe for peanut and nut allergic individuals. Below I'll paste in their reply...

Thank you for visiting and for your nice comments regarding our shop in Denver. In reference to your question regarding pieces without nuts, there are only a few candies that we would recommend. Below is a list of items that we can recommend for people who are allergic to nuts: Butterscotch Lollypops and Little Pops Caf

On Nov 25, 2001

Can see's candies be ordered online? We don't have one near us. thanks!


On Nov 26, 2001

Go to [url=""][/url] However, from See's response above, it sounds like all of their products are "may contain"...Stay Safe...

On Nov 28, 2001


Originally posted by SF: [b]Go to [url=""][/url] However, from See's response above, it sounds like all of their products are "may contain"...Stay Safe...[/b]

Not sure how I missed that. lol. Oh well-we really didn't need it anyway. [img][/img]

thanks!! Gale