Seeing allergist today.. question

Posted on: Mon, 11/08/2004 - 10:40pm
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My son Sebastien will see the allergist today for the first time. He has already had the RAST test through our family doctor. Are there any other kind of tests that the allergist can perform being that he is only 11 months old? He weights 23 pounds.. I am just wondering what to expect. Thank you..

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/2004 - 12:44am
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I would expect that the doctor will prescribe an epipen jr. (if you don't have one already) and give you information. He could possibly skin test your son, as well - although he may not since you have already had the RAST.
Go in with a list of questions in case you forget anything!
Good luck,
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Posted on: Tue, 11/09/2004 - 1:40am
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RAST testing is so unrealiable. (the opinion of me, my Allergist, and more) If you want a realiable test I would have him do a scratch test. Otherwise there is the allergist will just take a history and prescribe epi's.

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/2004 - 12:19pm
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Hi terrade! Has your child already had a reaction to peanuts? (I am sorry if you have posted about this before...I have been quite sporatic on the board for the past week or so). If so, I was told my our doctor not to do a scratch test w/peanuts. He indicated that peanuts reactions tend to get progessively worse, so you don't want to purposely expose a child to peanuts if a reaction + RAST test indicate that the allergy is present. Although I am not giving advice, just passing on what our doctor told us.
So if your child has already had a reaction I would imagine they would draw blood for either a RAST or CAP-RAST (couldn't tell you the difference, although I know that there are folks on this board that can!).
Hope all goes well and let us know,

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 11:02am
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Thanks for your responses. Basically, he said that the RAST test was at the level of 4.75. I am not quite sure what that means and he said he will see Sebastien again when he is 3 yrs old. Addressed my concerns and answered all my questions. Again, thank you very much for your responses.

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